How Britney Spears' Sons Reportedly Feel About Her Moving In With Sam Asghari

The guest list for Britney Spears' June wedding to Sam Asghari included some major A-list stars, but was lacking in two key individuals — Spears' sons, Sean Preston and Jayden Federline. Spears' shared children with ex-husband Kevin Federline reportedly stayed home, so as to not "take away" attention from their blushing bride of a mom, Mark Vincent Kaplan, Kevin's personal attorney, told People. "They're happy for their mom and they are hopeful that Sam and Britney are starting a great future together," Kaplan insisted. 

Spears, Asghari, and her two boys have all been seemingly getting along swimmingly. A source close to the "Toxic" singer told People in January that "it's been easier for Britney to see the boys" now that her 13-year conservatorship ended in November 2021. "[She is] making an effort to see her kids more, and Sam is also bonding with them," the insider said at the time, adding that Spears spent some of Christmas 2021 with Sean and Jayden. 

In late June, Spears revealed that she even temporarily shelved her honeymoon to move into her Calabasas mansion, which TMZ reported stands a stone's throw away from her sons' home with their dad. Now that she is settled in, how do Sean and Jayden feel about their mom and Asghari living so close-by? 

Britney Spears and her sons are bonding at her new home

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari's move to her sons' neighborhood has only made their relationship "stronger than ever," a source told HollywoodLife. The insider informed the outlet that Spears' teenage sons, Sean Preston and Jayden Federline, enjoy having mom in their Calabasas neighborhood. "They are over her house quite often," the source shared. "They dig their mom's pool and they like having her so accessible."

As for Spears, the source told the outlet the proximity to her children "was one of the main reasons that she chose this place," adding that the two have already made her new house their home away from home. "The boys know that her house is their house, and they each have their own bedrooms there... Britney wanted them to look at her house the same way that they look at their dad's place," the source continued. 

According to a TMZ report, Spears' new $11.8 million mansion sounds ideal for playtime. With the estate sprawling across 1.6 acres of land, the house comes with its own home theater, large kitchen and a room just for gift-wrapping. A now-deleted June Instagram upload by Spears, via the Blast, revealed it also has a sick pool and waterslide. "I went down it 4 times already," Spears gushed about the slide, boasting that it was "hella fast !!!"