Chris Cuomo's First TV Interview Since His Firing Promises To Be Juicy

If you thought you'd seen the last of fired former CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo, well, you thought wrong. Cuomo, who is the younger brother of disgraced former New York governor Andrew Cuomo, used to bring in the network's highest ratings. He was fired after a New York attorney general investigation found that Chris had been helping cover for his brother Andrew amid a flurry of sexual assault allegations, according to The New York Times. (In the journalism biz, this is called a conflict of interest, and is a big ethical no no.) The termination also came just a couple of days after Chris was hit with a sexual assault allegation of his own, per the Times. 

Both brothers have been pretty quiet since Andrew was forced to resign as governor and Chris was fired from CNN — but now it looks like both are ready to make some kind of return. Andrew has been (theoretically at least) planning a political comeback in the near future, according to CNN, though he sat out the Democratic primary for governor. Meanwhile, Chris is gearing up for this first television interview since getting fired, which sounds like it could be a real doozy of a chat. 

Chris Cuomo will be 'answering the tough questions'

No, Chris Cuomo is not being welcomed back to his old home at CNN. His first sit-down interview in eight months will be with Dan Abrams on NewsNation, according to Mediaite. Cuomo will reportedly be filling in viewers on what he's been up to since he left primetime television, as well as, "answering the tough questions about his past." According to the promo, the interview will take up a full hour, and may include some details about Cuomo's recent visit to Ukraine. 

Will Abrams be able to get Cuomo to spill any tea? Well, we'll have to see. Cuomo isn't new to the hard-hitting interview — even if he's usually the one asking the questions — so it's not like he's not media-trained. You can also probably expect to hear the former CNN anchor plug his latest comeback attempt, a newly launched podcast called "The Chris Cuomo Project." The podcast is set to air new episodes biweekly, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Cuomo's first guest was Sean Penn.