The Trump Family's Nanny Gave The Most Bizarre Eulogy To Ivana Trump

On July 20, the Trump family and their friends gathered to celebrate the life of Ivana Trump. The socialite was the first wife of the former president, and the mother of the three oldest Trump children. Soon after her death, her immediate family began making statements about her life on social media. Donald Trump used his platform, Truth Social, to write (via The Hill), "She was a wonderful, beautiful, and amazing woman, who led a great and inspirational life."

Her funeral presented another forum for those who loved her to share their memories. The New York Times documented the speeches of her many eulogists, including words from Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. According to their coverage, the former gave a humorous speech about how her mother frequently encouraged her to dress less conservatively. She shared that Ivana believed in "[flaunting] them while you've got them" and that Ivanka's "miniskirts weren't mini enough."

Outside of her children, a woman named Dorothy Curry had the opportunity to speak. Curry long worked in Ivana's household as the nanny for the Trump children. While her job would presumably put her in a unique position to know many memorable stories, her eulogy got unexpectedly dark.

Dorothy Curry seemed to roast the Trumps in her eulogy

Dorothy Curry's eulogy didn't place much focus on her time with the Trump family. Instead, she talked about her experience as Ivana Trump's friend during the later years of her life. According to The New York Times, she spoke about "the spring and summer of her life, after which followed an autumn and 'inevitable winter' of 'roses dying' as her former employer's field of dreams became a 'sinking swamp' of 'parasites' who had kept her 'afloat' with 'illicit dreams and schemes.'"

The dark tone and harsh language of her message manage to even outshine Donald Trump Jr.'s eulogy, which recalled times his mother had used corporal punishment on him. While the funeral was somewhat glamorous — it included a gold-hued coffin, according to the Times — Curry painted a picture of a life that was bleak and isolated.

The ominous speech was lapped up by those who have bought into an online conspiracy about Ivana's death. As recounted by Rolling Stone, the phrase "Epsteined" trended after the woman's death — suggesting that her fall down the stairs had actually been a planned assassination in order to protect the Trump family from information she may know. The family is currently embroiled in an investigation by New York state into their business dealings. As noted by the article, the speculation is entirely baseless ... but that hasn't prevented Twitter trolls from speculating.

The speech only fueled conspiracy theorists

Following the release of The New York Times' funeral coverage, the internet exploded with speculation. "I wonder if someone is looking into [Dorothy's] statement ... There's more to this story," said one reader of the article. "I'd love to hear more from Dorothy Curry..." one Twitter user wrote. Another chimed in, "I hope Dorothy Curry writes a book, and that @BernsteinJacob helps her write it." Jacob Bernstein, notably, penned the original Times article about the eulogies.

The coverage, which didn't shy away from making subtle digs at the famous family, was praised by many: "Watch and learn, kids. This is how you cover a boldface and boldface-adjacent funeral." Even those who didn't buy into the conspiracy pointed out the oddness of the service. One summed it up quite nicely: "Tea at the funeral, chile." Another said, "These tributes from her children are rather sad. Was this the best they could do in her memory?" 

The Trump family, however, seemed happy with how the funeral went. The former president took to Truth Social (via NPR) to write, "A very sad day, but at the same time a celebration of a wonderful and beautiful life." Additionally, Dorothy Curry's account of Ivana's lonely life seems to be at odds with others' portrayal of her.

The eulogy is at odds with other accounts of Ivana's life

While Dorothy Curry painted a picture of a lonely life, Donald Trump Jr. used his speech to call his late mother "fearless and independent," according to the New York Post. He pointed to her life experience of leaving the Czech Republic. Ivanka Trump also shared that her mom was "pure fun." 

Curry also implied that Ivana's close associates and family were simply parasites, but Ivana herself told a different story. Despite Donald Trump's affair during their marriage, the pair remained close. In an interview with "CBS Sunday Morning" (via CNN), Ivana spilled that the former president had given her the opportunity to be the American ambassador to Czech Republic, but she turned it down because she already had "a perfect life." 

Just five years before her death, Ivana released a memoir entitled "Raising Trump," about her experience as a mother. While the book had some complaints — such as the logistics of each of her children attending different exclusive private schools, via Entertainment Weekly — she largely seemed to enjoy the role. While we can't speak to how things may have changed in her final years, there remains no evidence of a fraught relationship or foul play.