Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Take Their PDA To A New Level In Front Of Daughter Violet

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are very much in love and they are also very much officially married — quite possibly the single positive thing to make national news this year, so naturally we're all thrilled.

And because these are celebrities who want to make the people happy, they have not made any effort whatsoever to hide their love from the public. No "we like to keep our relationship private" for these two. Ever since they renewed their relationship after a 17-year hiatus, Bennifer has been pictured making out everywhere, as detailed by Glamour. 

If they're not shy about packing on the PDA in front of the entire world, do you really think Mr. and Mrs. Affleck are shy about getting all snuggly in front of their kids? Of course not! And we even have pictures of the happy family on their honeymoon to prove it. This is one blended fam that's not afraid to get extra affectionate in public. 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck make out in front of Violet

Following their intimate Las Vegas elopement, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez jetted off to Paris for a family honeymoon, according to Daily Mail. While dining out in the City of Lights, Affleck and Lopez were pictured mid-smooch right beside Affleck's daughter Violet (who he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner). In case you worried, Violet does not look at all bothered by the PDA, and is seen smiling next to her dad and new step-mom. 

Reportedly, Violet and her younger siblings Seraphina and Samuel get along extremely well with Lopez and her two kids, twins Max and Emme. "[Lopez and Affleck's] kids are feeling more united as a family since the Vegas wedding and they are all super excited to see what the future holds for all of them," an unnamed source told Entertainment Tonight. "They all get along really well."

Based on the wide grin on 16-year-old Violet's face in this photo, that sounds pretty accurate to us!