Austen Kroll Accuses Madison LeCroy Of Another Famous Hookup Amid Ongoing Feud

Since 2014, reality TV enthusiasts have immersed themselves in the scandalous series "Southern Charm." Set in South Carolina, the show follows a group of friends as they navigate their personal and professional lives. Of course, like an array of Bravo titles, the show also features messy confrontations between the show's cast. From broken friendships to scorned lovers, the "Southern Charm" stars have delivered some of reality TV's most dramatic moments.

But amongst the show's expansive cast and eye-opening storylines, fans have become invested in the recent drama between Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy and Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard. During the inaugural season of Bravo's "Winter House" — which featured the cast of "Summer House" and "Southern Charm," it was revealed there was more between Kroll and Hubbard than what met the eye. "Austen and I do have a history when we're both single that you don't know what's going to happen," Lindsay told Us Weekly in 2021.

However, before sharing the screen with Lindsay on "Winter House," Kroll was notoriously known for his on-again-off-again relationship with "Southern Charm" co-star Madison LeCroy. In a interview with ET, the reality TV star shared her thoughts on Austen and his messy drama with Lindsay, stating: "I feel very validated in that and I am just happy that everyone was able to see how he really is... He's not a one-woman kind of man." In response to the dig, Kroll made a spicy claim about his ex.

Austen Kroll hints at Madison LeCroy's famous hookup

Since the premiere of "Winter House," Austen Kroll and his relationships with Lindsay Hubbard and Madison LeCroy have been the subject of controversy. During a July 14 appearance on "Watch What Happens Live!," LeCroy claimed Kroll downplayed his history with Hubbard while the two were in a "gray area" of their relationship. "I thought, I was like, 'There is something going on.' And he said, 'No, no, no. She's just like a bro,'" she explained.

In response to LeCroy, Kroll shared his side of the story during his own appearance on the aforementioned show. "Yeah, so I texted Lindsay on this topic. And the overwhelming kind of response from us is it was an easy kind of like a cop-out for her to feel justified for all the actions that she's done," he explained. The reality star then said that he hooked up with Lindsay "one time" before Cohen asked if it took place while he was with LeCroy. "No, I mean, I could go into why it happened, but I literally don't want to create another headline," he responded. Still, he Kroll revealed LeCroy "did something with someone of notoriety" that resulted in his hooking up with Lindsay. It's interesting because the claim comes on the heels of LeCroy supposedly getting close with A-Rod.

While Kroll didn't mention a name, he did confirm that it was someone in the reality TV sphere, with Cohen guessing "The Bachelorette" alum Tyler Cameron. Only time will tell if fans will ever find out about LeCroy's mystery hookup.