Chris Brown's Latest Money Grab Has Fans In Disbelief

No matter how difficult he makes it, Chris Brown remains a fan-favorite. Brown's legal troubles date back years, starting with his bloody assault on Rihanna in 2009. "I remember she tried to kick me, but then I really hit her, with a closed fist, I punched her," Brown admitted in his 2017 documentary, "Welcome to My Life" (via Page Six).

"I busted her lip. When I saw it, I was in shock. I was like, 'F**k, why the hell did I hit her?'" Brown said Rihanna made him even angrier after she "spit blood" at him. The photos of the beatdown were shocking, and it seemed like the assault would spell the end of Brown's music career. But we all know now that wasn't the case. Per People, he pled out, avoided jail, and was back in the studio in no time.

He has since faced numerous accusations of sexual and physical assault, and in 2022, news emerged of yet more disturbing allegations against Brown. According to BBC News, a woman is suing the singer for $20 million, claiming he drugged and raped her. The alleged sexual assault is claimed to have occurred at a yacht party hosted by Brown's buddy, music mogul Diddy. However, Brown is like the Teflon Don of rap; sure enough, he always bounces straight back, bigger and more successful than ever. He's currently touring globally to promote his album "Breezy," and it's been raking in the Benjamins. So, it's little surprise that Chris Brown's latest money grab has fans in disbelief.

Chris Brown is charging to get up close and personal

It's not as if Chris Brown needs a little side hustle to subsidize his income and help pay the bills. Brown's net worth means he can cover all his legal fees and still have millions left. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Brown has $50 million in the bank. However, he wants more — and loyal fans are happy to make it rain.

Brown is selling a "VIP experience" at his concerts. For $1,000, fans can pose for an up close and personal photo with the singer. Women have been posting pics of Brown wrapped around them, clinging on tight while they straddle him, and bending over as he busts out the daggering moves. And, there are plenty of ladies begging for Hennesy, massage oil, and hours of alone time with the problematic performer.

"Chris Brown managed to make every girl he took a picture with look like the love of his life, LMFAO. I'm scared of him," a devotee tweeted. "That ain't the only reason to be scared of him," a skeptic replied. Men are also dropping Gs, much to the amusement of others. "Lmao, this man paid a stack for a pic with Chris brown. Don't try to be cool now. STAN jump on him like that other girl," a detractor tweeted. Yung Bleu lept to Brown's defense, though. He claimed $1,000 was totally worth it for "a lifetime memory." Somebody else commented that it wasn't even worth $10.