Jason Momoa Was Just Involved In A Scary Head-On Collision

Jason Momoa, star of Marvel's "Aquaman," is also a major car and motorcycle enthusiast. In 2020, Momoa posted a YouTube video called, "My Wife's First Mustang," that went behind the scenes of renovating his then-wife Lisa Bonet's first car — a 1965 Ford Mustang. He shared some poetic words about a first car, saying, "The car that gave you a life of incredible destinations where boundaries and limitations fade in the rearview. The open road became a mirror to your soul." In a 2021 video for GQ, the "Aquaman" star named Harley Davidson bikes one of the "10 things he can't live without." "Ultimately, I just, I love riding motorcycles and I love riding around, you know, the world on them."

But when it comes to motorcycles and cars, it isn't all fun and games for Momoa. The actor just made headlines for a serious, but non-life-threatening vehicle collision. On the morning of July 24, Momoa was involved in a chilling motorcycle accident in the Calabasas area of Los Angeles.

Jason Momoa wasn't hurt in the motorcycle collision

According to a collision report (via Page Six), Jason Momoa was driving his 1970 Oldsmobile car (used in his 2021 Netflix film "Sweet Girl") when motorcycle rider Vitaliy Avagimyan crossed over the double yellow lines and went "directly into the path of Jason Momoa's vehicle." The motorcyclist swerved into Momoa's lane around a curve before crashing into the front left side of Momoa's car. The collision report claimed that Avagimyan was "ejected from his motorcycle." According to TMZ, the motorcyclist landed on his feet after striking Momoa's windshield and clearing the car's hood.

Momoa remained on the scene and got a passing driver to call 911. According to Entertainment Tonight, there were no arrests. An ambulance took Avagimyan to Northridge Hospital, where he sustained minor injuries, while Momoa came out of the accident uninjured. A video by TMZ showed the aftermath of the collision, with paramedic vehicles lined up and Momoa walking to his car. At this time, Momoa has not commented on the incident.