Ricky Martin Is Already Getting His Career Back On Track After Legal Drama With Nephew

Ricky Martin is jumping back into the swing of things after what can only be described as the most perilous month of his career. The "Livin' La Vida Loca" singer has recently faced a litany of legal woes. First his ex-manager slapper him with a $3 million lawsuit, and then startling accusations of incest and domestic abuse were leveled against the singer by his 21-year-old nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, as reported by TMZ.

The headlines spelled the end of Martin's career — "Ricky Martin Could Face 50 Years" — but the singer fired back, saying that the allegations were "not only untrue," but "disgusting." Martin chalked up the allegations to "deep mental health challenges" faced by his nephew. While Martin has yet to have his day in court over the accusation brought against him by his ex-manager, he can at least rest a little easier knowing that his nephew has filed to have his sexual abuse case dismissed in court.

Now, the King of Latin Pop wants fans to know that the show must go on.

Ricky Martin asked fans to forget their issues as he tried to do the same

Ricky Martin performed on the Hollywood Bowl stage in Los Angeles a day after his nephew filed to have his case dismissed for a night of high-energy dance numbers and gyrating hips. "Are you really having a good time? Because that's all I came here for," he asked the crowd before his performance with the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra. "All I want is for you to forget all your issues tonight and just focus on love and light and let's just have a good time. Are you ready Los Angeles to have a good time?"

The crowd was there for it and let out a collective "yes," but didn't quite give the two-time Grammy winner the reaction he had hoped for — but that's okay — they were more rapturous the second time he asked. Martin then performed his set, never directly addressing his nephew's accusations or the court hearing, and is likely eager to move on from the whole fiasco.

Following his Hollywood Bowl shows, he tweeted on July 24, "Two performances I will never forget filled with passion, nostalgia and a RAW sentiment that pushes me to keep doing what I love. I can already feel there is a before and after." One fan responded, "Saw the show on Friday. Incredible. Your were so joyful and your smile is infectious." Another added, "Happy/ Smiling @ricky_martin is Always the BEST Ricky Martin.. You DID IT."