We Now Know What Caused The Death Of Hank William Jr.'s Wife, Mary Jane Thomas

Four months after Mary Jane Thomas' death, the reason behind the star's passing has been announced.

Thomas, who's known for being the wife of Hank Williams Jr. — the son of country music star Hank Williams — died in March after undergoing plastic surgery. She was 58. On March 23, TMZ first reported that Florida police had received a call from the Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa where a patient, now known to be Thomas, was being rushed to the hospital. Thomas was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital, per the outlet. At that time, family members believed a blood clot had caused the accident and her death. 

Following Thomas' death, Thomas and Williams' son Sam spoke out in honor of his mother. "Her spirit was generous and giving. She could take down a ten-point buck and fix dinner for her grandchildren at the same time! Now she gets to radiate from above," he said, also referring to the loss of his sister, Katie Williams-Dunning, who died in a car accident in 2020, per People. Now, months following Thomas' passing, the reason for her death has been revealed, inspiring fans to honor the late star on social media once more.

Mary Jane Thomas died from plastic surgery complications

Following a plastic surgery procedure, autopsy records reveal that Mary Jane Thomas' death was caused by one of her lungs collapsing. The death has been ruled an accident.

At the time of her death, Thomas was in Florida for elective plastic surgery to reverse her breast augmentation and receive a liposuction procedure on her back, arms, and stomach, per TMZ. According to the autopsy report, while undergoing surgery, the plastic surgeon hit an essential tissue within the chest that helps remove fluids from the body. The accident happened as the doctors worked to finish removing the breast implants. The autopsy report also said that after doctors finished both procedures, Thomas was taken to the recovery room and had been doing well following the surgery. At the time, Thomas was reportedly "sitting up" and even "speaking normally," per People. The following day though, Thomas was no longer conscious and later died after being rushed to the hospital. 

Following the news, many fans took to social media to offer their condolences and honor Thomas once again. "Sad," one fan wrote. "Prayers sent," another said. Adding to that, iHeartCountry took to Twitter following the news to send well wishes to the Williams family: "Sending our love to the Williams' family as they continue to grieve the loss of Mary Jane."