Amanda Bynes Tumultuous Relationship Seemingly Comes To Sad End

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael have been through a lot during their two-year, on-and-off relationship. Bynes became the host of her own variety series, "The Amanda Show," when she was only 13, and went on to star in teen comedies including "She's The Man" and "What a Girl Wants," per IMBd. After some mental health issues, the former child star was put into conservatorship, per NBC News. That conservatorship was ended in March of 2022, per CBS News.

The actor announced that she and Michael were engaged in February 2020, but her conservatorship battle caused problems, as per Us Weekly. In March 2020, the couple split and got back together shortly after. In April, there was a reported argument that resulted in the police being called. "Amanda and Paul had an argument Wednesday evening," Bynes' lawyer David Esquibias told People. "Amanda left her home, where Paul has been residing, for her safety before the situation escalated. She was not there when police arrived."

Esquibias also said that the "Hairspray" actor believed Michael didn't take his medication. Bynes then returned home and "focused on her well-being." She later released a statement to Entertainment Tonight on the matter saying, "I thought Paul relapsed, but I was wrong ... Paul and I are staying together. I am so sorry for the confusion I caused." Bynes and Michael then stuck together, taking it one step at a time.

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael call it quits for good

According to Distractify, Amanda Bynes was rumored to be dating a few 2000s stars before she met her ex-fiancé, Paul Michael. This list includes former "Amanda Show" star Drake Bell, Taran Killam, and Seth MacFarlane. Following an argument with Michael in April, OK! reported that Bynes' friends were concerned for her. They feared she was in an unhealthy relationship after Michael reportedly "lost his cool" on other occasions. On June 29, Bynes was spotted without her engagement ring, per Daily Mail, sparking rumors that the two called off their engagement.

"They are still together as a couple, but they have put a pause on their engagement and wedding planning," a source told Entertainment Tonight on July 8. "They have gone through ups and downs together and personally, and realized they might have moved quickly, but they love each other and are still committed to one another."

On July 26, it was reported by E! News that Bynes and Michael couldn't work through their relationship problems, and broke up for good after more than two years of being together. According to Entertainment Tonight, both Bynes and Michael were doing well in their lives, so we hope these two had a peaceful and amicable split.