Kristin Cavallari And Stephen Colletti Finally Spill The Tea On Their Steamy Reunion

Kristin Cavallari has managed to keep her name in the headlines over the years, thanks to the multiple projects that she juggles each day and of course, her personal life. Ever since she and her ex-husband Jay Cutler pulled the plug on their marriage, there's been a lot of speculation about her love life. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Cavallari admitted that she's in a much better place now than she was immediately after her divorce and that she's no longer scared about taking risks, especially when it comes to romance. She said that she's "no longer afraid of getting hurt. I've sort of gotten to a place where if things don't work out, I'm okay with that because I know something better is coming down the line."

Because Cavallari likes to keep busy, she just launched a new podcast with her fellow "Laguna Beach" alum Stephen Colletti in which the two teased one steamy question that has been on everyone's minds now for several long years. While the two admitted to People that they've "learned a lot about" about their friendship, they seem to have entered into "more than friends" territory, too.

Kristin Cavallari spills all the tea

Did they, or didn't they? That's what everyone can't help but wonder as Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti are finally setting the record straight on whether or not they hooked up back during their "Laguna Beach" days. During their "Back to The Beach," podcast (via Dear Media Studios), Colletti asked his former reality television co-star, "When is the last time that we kissed?," to which she replied, "Um, about a year and a half ago when I went to Laguna Beach and we went on a date and we made out." Cavallari went on to say that there was a lot of excitement in their reunion because it had been ten years since they last saw each other while Colletti said that they "had a couple of drinks, like old times." 

Back in May, Cavallari hinted that she and Colletti have definitely enjoyed each other's company this past year, and in more ways than one. She told Page Six, "I love Stephen so much, and it's been so nice to have him in my life again — and we've gotten really close," but she did add, "But no, I mean, you know, there's nothing romantic happening with us." Watch this space as we have a feeling that there is more to come between these two new podcasting partners.