JoJo Siwa And Candace Cameron Bure's Feud Shows No Signs Of Stopping

TikTok's latest trend is certainly messy ... but JoJo Siwa took it to a whole new level. The simple video challenge involves receiving prompts, such as "celebrity crush" or "celebrity I'd love to meet." The participant then quickly flashes a photo of the person who they believe fits the prompt. It's typically harmless, but with a star like Siwa, who has 42.5 million followers on the platform, some fans are bound to take the time to pause.

It was through these dedicated Siwanators that we learned Candace Cameron Bure of "Full House" fame was the "rudest celebrity" Siwa had met. Soon, that same fanbase was flooding the actor's Instagram with demands for an explanation. Cameron Bure ultimately posted a video to her page, sharing that she had called Siwa and learned that the negative experience took place at the "Fuller House" premiere, when the "Dance Moms" star was just 11 years old. Siwa asked Cameron Bure for a picture on the red carpet, and the latter turned her down. According to Cameron Bure, Siwa acknowledged on the phone call that this was just a silly moment, and she didn't intend for her TikTok to go viral.

While it seemed like the beef had been squashed, it was hard not to notice that Siwa didn't address the issue herself or share Cameron Bure's video, which she was tagged in. A new video from the dancer made it clear why: She doesn't quite agree with Cameron Bure's version of events.

JoJo Siwa didn't exactly agree with Candace Cameron Bure's account of their phone call

In an exclusive video from Page Six, JoJo Siwa finally addressed the situation with Candace Cameron Bure. While she did say that their "10-minute conversation" was "sweet," she disputed some of the details Cameron Bure shared in her Instagram video. "It was at the afterparty that she didn't wanna take a picture with me, and I was okay with that," she said, though Cameron Bure had stated they met on the red carpet. "But then I turned around, and when I looked back, she was taking pictures with other kids."

Despite Siwa allegedly telling Cameron Bure that she hadn't anticipated the moment to go viral, she also told Page Six that she didn't regret making the video. "I was being honest, and that's something that I've always done and will always do," she said. This stance comes even as other celebrities and Cameron Bure's own daughter, Natasha, called Siwa out for the controversy.

Actor Tori Spelling reached out to Cameron Bure in the comments of her video, writing, "you are officially my spirit animal! So eloquently put." Natasha Bure also released a statement following her mother's response to Siwa, and it might just be enough to reignite the feud. "Respectfully, someone saying no to taking a photo with you is not a 'rough experience,'" she wrote on her Instagram Story (via Entertainment Tonight). "This generation is so sensitive and has zero backbone. Grow up."