Nearly 30% Of Fans Agree This Is The Rudest Celebrity In Hollywood

Hollywood's famous faces are often adored for their glowing contributions to the field of entertainment. But for some, the unsettling rumors about their personalities in real-life, seem to be unshakeable.

Ariana Grande came under fire in 2015, after she and her then-boyfriend, Ricky Alvarez, reportedly played "Truth Or Dare" in a California donut shop. Video obtained by TMZ, showed the "Positions" singer licking a pastry and then placing it back on the counter. Grande eventually apologized for the incident, and explained that she was "disgusted" with her own behavior. "Seeing a video of yourself behaving poorly, that you have no idea was taken, is such a rude awakening, that you don't know what to do. I was so disgusted with myself," she said, via CNN. And while it's been nearly seven years since "donut gate," fans can't seem to forget the incident. "I hate when people bring up Ariana Grande licking the donut and putting it back because I love that b***h but that genuinely was so disgusting and sick," one fan tweeted in July 2022.

However, Grande isn't the only celebrity who can't seem to shake the unpleasant reputations attached to their name. Now, fans have spoken out about who they think is the absolute rudest celebrity in Hollywood, and their top choice has quite the rap sheet of rudeness.

Alec Baldwin is deemed the rudest of all

We surveyed 595 Nicki Swift readers and asked them who they thought was the rudest celebrity in Hollywood, and their selections ran the gamut. Claiming the top spot, with 176 votes (29.58%), is Alec Baldwin. The actor has gotten into many public spats during his 40-year career, which includes scuffles with photographers and feuds with other celebrities – not to mention his own daughter, Ireland Baldwin, when she was a child. Ellen DeGeneres comes in second place, securing 150 votes (25.21%). The talk show host, who has since ended her famed daytime program, was previously accused of fostering a hostile work environment for employees on her show. Rounding out the Top 3 is Justin Bieber. Despite his much calmer approach to life these days, Bieber seemingly had no regard for his fans in his hot-headed teenage years.

Fans selected former "Glee" star, Lea Michele, as the fourth rudest celebrity in Hollywood. Michele, whose casting in "Funny Girl" caused a stir online, secured 59 votes (9.92%). Next up is donut-licking pop star Ariana Grande. Grande got 57 votes (9.58%), and there is currently a Twitter account dedicated to the infamous incident. Lastly, singer Demi Lovato got 53 votes (8.91%), landing them in last place — which in this case, isn't too bad.