Who Is Madison Prewett's Fiance, Grant Troutt?

Madison Prewett's journey on "The Bachelor" included one of the show's most memorable twists — and two very naughty trysts. After Prewett learned that Peter Weber had slept with two other contestants, she could have packed her bags right then and there, but she gave him another chance. However, after a disastrous meeting with Weber's family and a lot of soul-searching, she decided that she and the pilot weren't compatible and removed herself from the competition.

But after Weber and final rose recipient Hannah Ann Sluss ended their brief engagement, Weber and Prewett made one final attempt at finding lasting love with each other — and it also rapidly fizzled. It was a rough ride, but Prewett told Us Weekly, "I think that everything happens for a reason, and I think that it worked out the way it was supposed to work out."

One snag in their relationship that Weber and Prewett just couldn't seem to overcome was a fundamental difference in their religious beliefs. While Weber clearly was not saving himself for marriage, Prewett told him that she was a virgin. "Faith is more than passed down into me, it's my whole life and who I am," she said (via Life & Style). "I want someone who has that relationship with the Lord ... I want to know if we're able to be on the same page that way." Now, it looks like she's found what she's been searching for in her fiancé, Grant Troutt.

Madison Prewett's fiancé is the son of a billionaire

After nearly 9 months of dating, Grant Troutt got down on one knee in the sand and asked Madison Prewett for her hand in marriage. Per People, the romantic moment took place in Palm Beach, Florida, at The Breakers Hotel. "Grant was waiting for me and led me out to the beach, where he had candles and flowers and a Bible with my new name on it," Prewett said of the July 31 proposal.

Grant's father is Kenny Troutt, a billionaire who founded Excel Communications. He also owns WinStar Farm, the home of a number of top thoroughbred sires, including Breeders' Cup Sprint champion Speightstown, per Bloodhorse. So naturally, Grant and Prewett put in an appearance at the Kentucky Derby in May. 

Grant isn't just an heir to a $1.5 billion fortune, per Forbes — he's also a minister based in Missouri. He's listed as a member of the "worship and teaching team" for the Woodland Hills Family Church's ministry aimed at young adults. In an Instagram post, he wrote of his journey to the pulpit, "If there was a 'Least likely to be' in high school year book mine would say 'Pastor.' I was on my reckless g Eazy young stunna wave hard." But Prewett seems satisfied with the man he has become. "He is everything I have prayed for, waited for, and dreamed of my whole life. He was definitely worth the wait," she gushed to People.

Madison Prewett and Grant Troutt are both former college athletes

Madison Prewett and Grant Troutt don't just have their Christian faith in common — they've also both dominated on the basketball court. According to Us Weekly, Prewett played for Lee Scott Academy in Alabama and can boast being a four-time state champ. Her father, Chad Prewett, is the Director of Operations for Auburn Basketball, per AL.com.

As for Troutt, he started playing for a youth basketball team founded by his father when he was in grade school. Per The Dallas Morning News, Troutt's dad paid for the young athletes to travel on planes owned by NBA teams. Troutt continued playing in college, earning a roster spot as a guard for the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos.

But, in a post on the Watermark Community Church website, Troutt revealed that his basketball career tested his faith. "When a series of injuries cut my basketball seasons short, I was angry at God," he wrote. "I turned to alcohol, drugs, and girls so I could feel some sort of temporary happiness and value." According to Troutt, his behavior earned him a summer stint at a ministry when he was in high school, courtesy of his parents. This was eventually followed by an overnight stay in jail for public intoxication. And now? He's baptizing fellow believers in a huge in-ground swimming pool and surprising a former "The Bachelor" contestant by making her think that proposal trip was for a friend's birthday, per People.