The Real Reason Peter Weber's Family Hates His Final Choice

As Bachelor Nation continues to process the twists and turns of Peter Weber's "most dramatic" season, many are still abuzz about Peter's family and their vocal disdain for his new girlfriend Madison "Madi" Prewett. After his engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss ended, Peter and Madi rekindled their romance despite his family's inevitable objections. Barbara Weber, a.k.a. Peter's mother, became the breakout star of the finale, as her unfiltered assessment of Peter's prospects left viewers wondering if her influence would alter her son's final choice. In fact, her antics have become an unofficial part of the American lexicon now.

Coined by dating app Plenty of Fish, "Barbing" occurs "when a parent interferes in their child's relationship/dating life, asserting their opinions and pressuring their child to make decisions based on their own preferences." In fact, Plenty of Fish reported that 25% of singles have second-guessed their relationship based on what their family thinks of their partner, per Elite Daily. Singles also said their family's opinions are one of the "top five" reasons they second-guess relationships. Sounds like Peter's not alone!

Yet while Barb has received most of the attention, she's not the only member of the Weber family who's causing turbulence for Pilot Pete.

Peter's brother Jack doesn't think the couple can reconcile their radically different lifestyles

During the two-part Bachelor finale, Jack, Peter Weber's 25-year-old brother, pointed out that Madison Prewett's lifestyle doesn't align with Peter's in the slightest. As his family was quick to emphasize, Pilot Pete loves to socialize and party. He might be spiritual, but he's not religious. However, Madi remains dedicated to her faith and unapologetically admitted that she's saving herself for marriage.

Peter, on the other hand, hasn't been shy about his penchant for physicality (ahem, remember the windmill?). "Obviously you're very physical in relationships," Jack told Peter in the penultimate episode. "Let's assume you go with Madi, and now we're talking about this whole period of not actually having sex until you're fully married — is that something you realistically see yourself doing?"

"Obviously she's very big into ministry and all that stuff. You're the type, you get home from a trip and you go line dancing, you're non-stop, you're out at the club. Have you talked about that with her? Are your lifestyles compatible?" he asked. "I just want to make sure you're not compromising any level of yourself and how you'd normally be in a relationship." Long story short, Jack said Madi raised "a lot of concerns and red flags" and he was "a little bit scared" about Peter's situation, because he wants his brother to remain true to himself.

Peter's father believes there are already too many obstacles in the couple's way

Throughout most of the March 10 live finale, Peter Weber's father remained mum while his wife occupied the spotlight. But when prompted by Barb — in Spanish, no less — Peter Sr. finally offered his perspective. "Honestly, I hate this situation, and it's telling to me that there are so many obstacles in [the] way to even get to this point that you don't even start a relationship like that," he said. "When you're getting into a relationship, that beginning should be the brightest spot and it was anything but."

Peter Sr. warned that the pair has "many differences to overcome," and rightfully so. After all, as certified relationship coach Lesli Doares told Best Life, "67 percent of disagreements in a relationship never get resolved and they don't need to, but the other 33 percent, if not resolved, can lead to the end of the relationship." And what are two of those essential deal-breakers? Personal beliefs and values, and the kind of lifestyle each person wants to live, she said. No surprise there!

But Peter Sr. wasn't the only dad to add his thoughts. Madi's father, Chad Prewett, subsequently chimed in via Twitter to show support for his daughter. "Proud is an understatement. I believe in you and support you always Madi Rose!" But will his words ultimately help or harm Madi's situation?

Wait — didn't Barb like Madi when they first met at her vow renewal?

Bachelor fans might've forgotten that Madison Prewett attended the Webers' 31-year vow renewal during the season premiere. Madison went on the first one-on-one date, during which the pair traveled to Peter's home to revel in his parents' backyard love fest. "I've loved you for the past 33 years, and I promise to love you for the rest of my life," Peter Sr. said, while choking back tears. Of course, Madison claimed it was the "most incredible first date I've ever been on in my life!" at the time. (She did catch the bouquet, after all.)

However, in retrospect, Barb's take on Madi remains the most memorable moment of the entire event. "I have to admit, he seems like he's in awe of you and that makes me happy because I really like you," she said at the time. "Give me a hug." As expected, Madi responded in kind: "I feel so welcomed by everyone here... It was so amazing."

So what could've caused this seemingly irreparable rift? Both Barb and Peter Sr. claimed that viewers did not see the whole story, but the Webers clearly didn't leave their feud on the cutting room floor. In fact, it's fairly safe to say the drama has only just begun.