Hannah Ann Shades Peter On Instagram After The Bachelor Finale

Bachelor host Chris Harrison always teases that the franchise's finales will be the most dramatic yet, but the conclusion of Peter Weber's season actually lived up to that hype. While fans suspected Pilot Pete would pick frontrunner Madison Prewett all along, things played out in the messiest way possible on the March 10 finale. Yes — spoiler alertWeber and Prewett ended up together, but it wasn't without several bumps in the road.

To sum it up somewhat concisely, Prewett broke up with Weber in Australia not long after he didn't follow through on her Fantasy Suite ultimatum and she realized they wanted different things; meeting his family only seemingly solidified their lack of compatibility. With Prewett out of the picture, Weber proposed to the only contestant left: Hannah Ann Sluss. Awkwardly enough, he casually mentioned Prewett's exit mid-proposal, but declared, "My heart chooses you forever... I love you, Hannah Ann."

Although Sluss said yes and they had a brief moment of post-engagement bliss, that happiness came crashing down in a filmed reunion a month later, where Weber confessed, "I've not been able to give my entire heart to you." Sluss dumped him by giving back her Neil Lane ring and saying, "I don't need anything more from you. You've done enough damage."

It was a powerful moment, but Sluss' zingers didn't end there. After the finale, the 23-year-old model posted a message on Instagram that'll leave fans (and probably Weber's mom Barb) cheering her on even more.

Hannah Ann made clear she doesn't need a copilot

As if Hannah Ann Sluss' one-liners during The Bachelor finale weren't epic enough, she continued that trend of standing up for herself over on Instagram. After the second part of the finale aired, Sluss shared a photo posing in what looks like a flight jacket while holding a pair of aviator goggles. Fittingly, she captioned the sassy shot, "Flyin' solo... no turbulence accepted. PERIOD."

Considering Peter Weber is, uh, a pilot, it's definitely a dig at her now-ex — but the message also doubles as reinforcement that she doesn't need a copilot. As she said in the finale, she was ready to give Weber her whole heart, but ultimately she knew she deserved so much more than getting proposed to by a guy whose heart was elsewhere (a.k.a. still hung up on Madison Prewett). On top of that, Sluss then had to endure a cringe-inducing breakup in front of a whole camera crew. Talk about a reality TV nightmare!

'Bachelor' Nation definitely has Hannah Ann's back

It didn't take long for Bachelor Nation to flood Hannah Ann Sluss' comments section with support, including plenty of her fellow contestants from Peter Weber's season. Victoria Fuller — who came in third and sparked her fair share of controversy along the way — had Sluss' back, writing, "This is quite literally the best thing I've ever seen come across my feed." Meanwhile, the other Victoria (a.k.a. Victoria Paul) wrote, "SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! This is only the beginning for us" with several heart emojis.

Natasha Parker, who didn't get nearly enough airtime on Pilot Pete's season, wrote, "You grew your wings tonight babygirl! So proud of you! Keep your head up." Another contestant fans won't soon forget, Mykenna Dorn, added, "PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!! Stand [your] ground girl! I love you so much!!!" with even more heart emojis than Victoria P. used (which is saying a lot).

In addition to her castmates, Sluss received support from another major reality star: Kim Kardashian. During the finale, Kim K tweeted, "I love Hannah Ann!!!!" In fact, Kardashian was so shocked by all "the twists and turns" that she had to FaceTime with host Chris Harrison afterward, sharing a photo of her phone and writing on Twitter, "Getting all the tea from Chris." Oh, to be a fly on that wall...

During the finale, Hannah Ann didn't hold back from calling out Pilot Pete

Although getting your heart broken on national television must be terrible, Hannah Ann Sluss has given us all a master class in how to rise above any breakup and know your worth. When Sluss sat down with Weber on the After the Final Rose segment, she uttered an instantly iconic line: "So, word of advice, if you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man."

At another point, she called him out for having not one, not two, but three women involved in their engagement — including former Bachelorette Hannah Brown. Sluss said she felt "blindsided," explaining, "I should've really picked up on the first red flag that you gave to me, [which] was when you wanted to reach out to Hannah Brown to find closure with her. So really, looking back on it, our engagement really involved three women: me, you still being in love with Madison and proposing to me, and you needing closure with Hannah Brown."

While Weber apologized repeatedly to Sluss "from the bottom of [his] heart" and agreed with her, she doesn't necessarily need his words for validation. She wanted his commitment back when it mattered. Now, only time will tell how things turn out between Pilot Pete and Madison Prewett. Either way, Sluss is steering clear of all that turbulence.