Travis Scott's New Job After The Astroworld Tragedy Has Fans Feeling Conflicted

Travis Scott's 2021 Astroworld Festival brought disaster, and threats of career cancellation followed quickly thereafter. The intense crowd surge at the festival ultimately resulted in ten deaths according to ABC News, and many felt that Scott was to blame. A $750,000 lawsuit, reported on by Vulture, claimed that nearly 5,000 of the concert's 50,000 attendees were injured. XXL Magazine shared that, in just the first few weeks after the events, over $3 billion worth of lawsuits had been filed against Scott, LiveNation, and others who were connected to the event.

The rapper's initial Twitter apology was far from well-received. "This on your hands period, how did you not see this s***? You need to be held accountable," one person wrote. However, the intense backlash did not lead Scott to give up on his career. 2022 has seen the "Sicko Mode" singer appearing on more and more stages. In July, Scott even paused a Coney Island performance to calm down the crowd and call out fans who had started to climb up lighting fixtures.

Despite the horrible tragedy of Astroworld, it's clear some are willing to give Scott another chance. That includes a huge venue that's willing to make Scott the face of their nightclub.

Travis Scott will have a Las Vegas residency

Las Vegas' Zouk Nightclub announced in a press release, via Page Six, that Travis Scott would be the latest to take up a residency at their venue. Scott is set to play seven shows with them in September, "bringing [their] guests an unmatched show unlike anything else they can find in Las Vegas."

While the new gig is a strong argument against the idea that Scott has been canceled, many were still surprised by the choice. "[I]n my mind vegas residencies are for 44 year olds and travis scott concerts are for 14 year olds so interested in how this goes," one person tweeted. Others felt it was too soon to give Scott such a large platform, with one fan writing, "Why is Las Vegas giving Travis Scott a residency there? That's disgusting when he does some pretty messed up things."

It's worth noting that Vegas is far from Scott's only upcoming opportunity, and Zouk is not the first venue to re-platform him. Scott was set to headline the 2022 Day N Vegas festival, although it was ultimately canceled. He's still planned to head up the São Paulo, Santiago, and Buenos Aires stops of Primavera Sound. It would appear as though many are willing to take a gamble on Scott following Astroworld.