Little People, Big World Star Matt Roloff Announces Tragic Family Loss

"Little People, Big World" fans saw theĀ drama unfold for the Roloff family after Matt Roloff announced he was selling off a portion of the family farm. "Well the cats out of the bag. I want to make sure You all hear the big news directly from me," the TLC star wrote in an Instagram post on May 12, while divulging that he was putting 16 acres of the property up for sale, including the family home. A few days later, the Roloff patriarch said that the property would be sold outside the family. "My twin boys decided not to consider working together toward a possible joint sale," Matt wrote in a May 15 Instagram post referring to Zach Roloff and Jeremy Roloff.

The post that blamed his twin sons for not coming to a mutual agreement left a bad taste in Zach's mouth, and he lambasted Matt in the comments of the post. "My dad is manipulating the narrative right before the season comes out," Zach wrote, via Monsters & Critics. "This post is a new shocking low of cowardice and manipulation of his family and kids for his own gain."

Later that month, Zach talked about how he believed Matt mishandled selling part of the family land, but also took partial blame for the family drama, during an interview with Entertainment Tonight on May 24. Months later, the death of a beloved family member helped put the fallout in perspective.

A tragic death brought the family together

On August 1, Matt Roloff announced that his father Ronald "Papa" Roloff had died. The "Little People, Big World" star posted a photo of his dad smiling alongside a lengthy heartfelt caption. "He literally loved people and anyone who ever came in contact with him knows that!" Matt wrote in the Instagram post that focused on how his father was surrounded by family during his final moments. "So[m]e of his last words to me were telling me how proud he was of the things I had accomplished," the TV personality added. At the end of the caption, Matt tagged his kids Zach Roloff, Jeremy Roloff, Jacob Roloff, and Molly Roloff while thanking them for being present for Ronald's last moments.

A year earlier, in July 2021, Matt revealed in an Instagram post that his father had blood cancer. Although Ronald's death saddened the family, there was a possible silver lining for the Roloff clan, as the event brought them together. "Matt was very upset and he and Caryn immediately flew out to Arizona to spend his final hours with him and the whole family," a source told The U.S. Sun. "It was exactly what Ron wanted."

Despite the family tension, his twin sons were present at their grandfather's deathbed. "It was the first time the family has been together like that in quite some time and no doubt put a lot into perspective for them all," the Sun's source added.