The Touching Reason Willow Smith Abruptly Stopped Her Concert

Willow Smith has transformed into a pop-punk star who's gained a massive following for hit songs like "Wait A Minute!" and "Transparent Soul" with Travis Barker. She also recorded the hit track "Emo Girl" with Machine Gun Kelly. In addition to her mononymous solo career as Willow, she often collaborates with musician Tyler Cole under the name "The Anxiety." The Anxiety's track "Meet Me At Our Spot" went viral on TikTok, per PopSugar.

Willow's music often delves into themes of human connection and consciousness, topics the artist's social media page also reflects. Recently, she made an Instagram post that featured a short video of her smiling by the water. Willow captioned the video, "just a little reminder that our value as humans doesn't lye in our external abilities or productivity." Throwing in some details about her personal journey, Willow then wrote, "just know you are loved, naturally significant and, valuable no matter what the world or your insecurities have made you believe." So, it comes as no surprise that Willow's positive energy can be felt in her live concerts — even when the circumstances are less than ideal.

Willow Smith checked in with fans after a concertgoer fainted

Willow Smith is currently on tour with Machine Gun Kelly and played a set at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 2. In the middle of her performance, Willow suddenly stopped singing, per a video on TMZ. According to the outlet, a concertgoer had fainted and was being taken away on a stretcher. During the brief break, Willow checked in with fans and dropped some wise words. She said, "One of the most beautiful things about being human — can I tell you guys one of them? Is you get to take care of other humans." Then, the crowd cheered, and Willow continued with some kind thoughts. "I really hope she's going to be ok, man," Willow concluded.

Fans rallied behind Willow on Twitter. "Kudos to @OfficialWillow for stopping a song at @machinegunkelly Pittsburgh concert to make sure a woman who fainted got help," one person wrote. Another user tweeted, "Shout out to @ OfficialWillow for getting someone help in the pit. That's a true artist!!" Aside from looking out for her fans, it sounds like the show was also a hit. One concertgoer tweeted, "@OfficialWillow was amazing last night in Pittsburgh and I want to see her live again her vibe is unreal."