Kristin Cavallari Sheds Light On Why She Ended Things With Jay Cutler Twice

Kristin Cavallari is opening up about her split from her ex-husband, former NFL quarterback, Jay Cutler. The star of "The Hills" first met Cutler back in early 2011, when the two were introduced by Giuliana Rancic, Us Weekly reported. By April 2011, the two had become engaged, as TMZ wrote. In July of that year, however, the engagement was halted, but the two were back together just months after this temporary breakup. 

The pair obtained a marriage license in 2013, per E! News, and celebrated with a ceremony shortly after. In 2017, Cavallari opened up to Us Weekly about the imperfections of her marriage. "I mean, we have our issues. Our relationship isn't perfect," Cavallari said. "But we love each other and we work on it and we make a conscious choice to work on the relationship, and I think that that's what you just have to do." 

In 2020, it was announced on Instagram that the two had chosen to divorce after a decade together. "We have nothing but love and respect for one another and are deeply grateful for the years shared, memories made, and the children we are so proud of. This is just the situation of two people growing apart," Cavallari wrote. The reality star is now sharing more info regarding why the relationship ended twice.

Kristin Cavallari ended her engagement and marriage to Jay Cutler due to similar 'red flags'

Kristin Cavallari has revealed more about why she broke things off with Jay Cutler on two occasions. In 2014, Cavallari spoke about choosing to pause her 2011 engagement with Cutler while appearing on the reality series, "The Millionaire Matchmaker." "Jay and I got engaged really quickly, after 8 months. And then I just felt like something things needed to change, and the only way he was going to see how serious I was is if I ended the relationship," Cavallari said. "Things ended up changing, and now we're married with two kids."

Per Page Six, Cavallari further explained during an August 2022 "Call Her Daddy" podcast chat that she ended the engagement due to "red flags" that had been emerging in the relationship. These same signs later led to the pair's divorce."Basically I called off the engagement [for] the same reason I got a divorce, and so I guess if there's any takeaway from that is you can't ignore red flags," Cavallari said. "People don't change, and you've got to trust your gut." The "Very Cavallari" star added that "nothing major happened" to cause the divorce, but "it was just time" to move on. Cavallari also mentioned the positives of the breakup from Cutler, stating that this has caused " "So many emotions, but it can also be the best thing."