Eminem Announces Return With New Track 'Walk On Water' Featuring Beyonce

The Detroit native is back with a brand new song.

On Friday, Nov. 10, 2017, Eminem (real name Marshall Mathers III) released the track "Walk on Water," featuring none other than the unofficial queen of music herself, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. While Beyoncé sings lyrics like "I walk on water, but I ain't no Jesus / I walk on water, but only when it freezes," Eminem lays down passionate lines about living up to the expectations of his fans, regarding the development of new music.

"Always in search of the verse that I haven't spit yet / Will this step just be another misstep / To tarnish whatever the legacy, love or respect / I've garnered?" he spits. "The rhyme has to be perfect, the delivery flawless / And it always feels like I'm hitting the mark / 'Til I go sit in the car, listen, and pick it apart / Like, 'this s*** is garbage.'"

Still, despite the song's emotional delivery, it's clear that Eminem still sees himself as separate from his fans, given his history of hits. "'Cause I'm just a man, but as long as I got a mic I'm god-like," he raps at the end of the track. "So me and you are not alike / B****, I wrote 'Stan.'"

On Nov. 9, Eminem hinted at the release of "Walk on Water," sharing a photo of the track's title scribbled on a fake prescription pad. He later shared a fake commercial for a fictional drug called Revival (canticum remedium), "the world's leading treatment for Atrox Rithimus."

"Revival" is suspected to be the name of Eminem's next album, though it hasn't exactly been confirmed by the rapper. While no release date has been announced as of yet, fans suspect that more news may be on the way, as Eminem is scheduled to appear as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on Nov. 18.

A post shared by Marshall Mathers (@eminem) on

A post shared by Marshall Mathers (@eminem) on

As Nicki Swift previously reported, Eminem made headlines in October for slamming President Donald Trump in a freestyle rap that was broadcasted during the BET Hip Hop Awards. The video quickly went viral, amassing over 38 million views on YouTube at the time of this writing. Many celebrities were quick to praise Eminem for his criticism of Trump, including Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, Billy Eichner, and Ellen DeGeneres.

While we wait for more details about Eminem's new album, find out what the 45-year-old has been in up to in the last few years.