Alyssa Farah Griffin Won't Be The Only New Permanent Co-Host On The View

At long last, "The View" has finally found its conservative replacement for Meghan McCain. Actually, it's found two replacements. It was previously reported that Alyssa Farah Griffin, one-time communications director for former president Donald Trump, would be taking McCain's place as the token Republican on the panel. Now, it appears Griffin won't be the only new co-host to earn a permanent spot on the daytime talk show. 

Currently, the permanent co-hosts of "The View" are Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sarah Haines, and Sunny Hostin. The show has always included at least one Republican or conservative-leaning co-host on its permanent roster. Since McCain officially departed the show in 2021, however, that seat has been filled by a rotating selection of guest hosts. Fans of the show have been speculating who ABC would hire to full the full-time slot for more than a year now. But we didn't think we'd be getting two newbies in the place of one.

Ana Navarro is now a permanent co-host on 'The View'

In addition to Alyssa Farah Griffin, frequent guest host Ana Navarro has officially been announced as permanent co-host of "The View." The show made the announcement on-air and tweeted, "ANA BECOMES OFFICIAL 'VIEW' CO-HOST: We are excited to announce [Ana Navarro] will be joining [The View] officially as a co-host as we get ready for season 26!" 

The tweet also included a clip of Whoopi Goldberg making the announcement on the show. "As much as we love that song, 'Be Our Guest,' there's one person who is way overqualified to be called our guest anymore," Goldberg said. "She first took a seat at the table in 2013. So, today we are proud to make another long overdue announcement, that Ana Navarro is becoming an official co-host." She then introduced a video of various clips from Navarro's guest appearances on the show over the years. 

Goldberg also announced the addition of Griffin on the show — though with slightly less enthusiasm. "We always want to honor Barbara Walter's original version and vision, that different views are represented at this table," she said. "So you've watched us search for a new co-host all season long and I guess it's safe to say, it's ending right now. It's our pleasure to introduce you to our newest co-host."