Here's What Miranda Lambert Really Looks Like Without Makeup

It probably won't surprise you to hear Miranda Lambert is a natural beauty. The country star has made a name for herself putting all her feelings into her often raw and real music, and she isn't afraid to let the world in behind the curtain of her life — even if it's not perfect. The singer really showed off how she feels about being relatable in the music video for "Mama's Broken Heart" in 2013 as she mimicked what really lies behind what many see as the perfect life, even smearing her makeup more while singing about being told to "go and fix your makeup." "I signed up to be honest, and I've gotta keep that promise. Not every day is rainbows, they are here and there, and it's worth it," Lambert explained to The Tennessean of her realness, particularly in her music, in 2019.

It's probably no surprise then that someone so willing to get so candid in her music is willing to be just as open when it comes to her appearance. Lambert has revealed that isn't afraid to ditch the cosmetics from time to time — and this is what it looks like when she goes bare faced for the world.

Miranda Lambert's makeup-free home life

Miranda Lambert is such a confident beauty (and rightly so!) that she once went totally makeup free during a professional photoshoot. She went barefaced in 2015 for People's "World's Most Beautiful" issue, showing off her glowing skin and obvious natural beauty as she admitted it was a rarity for her to wear a full face of makeup when she's hanging out at home. "When I'm just off and hanging out I just put on some tinted moisturizer and sunscreen and mascara," she explained of her minimal beauty routine — with one exception. It turns out Lambert has a bit of an obsession with lip gloss!

But it definitely seems like Lambert enjoys a bare faced day, as she often pops up on her husband Brendan McLoughlin's Instagram while au naturale. In June, the New York policeman shared photos with his wife and a few friends as they enjoyed a day at the lake, and he sweetly planted a kiss on Lambert's makeup-free cheek as she rocked a Texas baseball cap with blue lenses sunglasses and sweet plaited pigtails. Prior to that, in October 2020, McLoughlin celebrated his birthday alongside a makeup-free Lambert and friend DB, sharing a snap of the trio posing together on social media alongside his custom cake.

Miranda Lambert does her own makeup

Though she has access to the very best hair and makeup people the world has to offer, it turns out Miranda Lambert is a fan of taking the reins when it comes to her glam look. When she's not at home with a bare face and it's time to get glam, Lambert explained to People that she actually likes to do her own makeup for her shows on tour — and she doesn't do things by halves. "That's my time to focus and calm down, listen to music and warm up a little bit. I have a product bag the size of Texas — just makeup and hair stuff and curling irons," she shared. When she's on the red carpet though, she turns to the pros. Lambert has worked with makeup artist Moani Lee in the past, and Lee revealed some of her go-to products to E! News, including Vaseline, Laura Geller lip liner, and Hourglass foundation.

Outside of work though, Lambert has proven time and time again that she likes to let her skin breathe. In February, she showed off her bare face on Instagram during a trip to the beach with Brendan McLoughlin, rocking a Dallas baseball cap and star print bikini as they celebrated their third anniversary. Not that we needed any more proof, but that photo makes one thing very clear. Miranda Lambert is absolutely stunning.