Chrissy Teigen Responds To New Accusations About Her Teeth

Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to sharing (some would say oversharing) her cosmetic enhancements on social media. In September 2021, the model revealed on an Instagram Story that she had buccal fat removal performed on her cheeks by Dr. Jason Diamond, gushing that she was "really seeing the results." Two months later, Teigen was back on the platform to show off the aftermath of another procedure — eyebrow transplants. Also performed by Diamond, the transplants placed hairs from the back of Teigen's head onto her brows, lending them a fuller look, per Self. As Teigen told followers in an Instagram Story at the time, the fluffier brows will help her "never wear makeup if [she] can avoid it."

Teigen's history of being candid about cosmetic enhancements stretches back years, however. Not only has she had eyebrow transplants, Teigen also had two procedures done on her armpits. The cookbook author has not only had liposuction performed on her pits in 2017, per Refinery29, she also got Botox injected in them to prevent sweating. On a 2019 Instagram Story documenting the latter procedure, per People, Teigen gushed, "TRULY BEST MOVE I HAVE EVER MADE." 

So perhaps, a fan can be forgiven for thinking Teigen recently had some cosmetic dental work done as well.

Some think Chrissy Teigen just got new teeth

It was an innocent-enough Instagram photo (and caption!) for Chrissy Teigen. Yet, it somehow still spawned some mild controversy. "Keeping up with this one somehow," Teigen captioned her a photo of her and son, Miles Stephens, happily smiling atop a boat. However, fans seemed to direct all their focus to one aspect of the snapshot: Teigen's face. One commenter opined, "Don't even recognize her." Another wrote, "I think she got new fake teeth I think that's it." Teigen quickly quipped back, writing, "I have had these teeth for like 10 years."

The plastic surgery suspicions didn't stop with the teeth. Another commenter claimed that Teigen's "face does look a bit skinnier now," while others noted that changes could be due to filters, makeup, and her previous buccal fat removal and eyebrow transplant procedures. 

The plus side? Many fans thought that whatever Teigen is doing, is working! "Omg chrissy I didn't even know this was you ! You look like your 15! Gorgeous," one commenter praised sincerely. Another complimented her "amazing" post-eyebrow transplant arches. One fan even attributed Teigen's perceived glow-up to her newfound sobriety, writing to the model, "You look like a different person since you got sober." 

All the unexpected speculation around her face led Teigen to leave a separate comment on her post, telling her followers, "u guys are somethin."