Demi Lovato Reportedly Has Exciting Relationship News

Singer, songwriter, and actor Demi Lovato has had their ups and downs when it comes to romance. In 2020, they were engaged to Max Ehrich, but called it off and split a couple of months later. "It was a tough decision, but Demi and Max have decided to go their separate ways to focus on their respective careers," a source told People at the time. The "Heart Attack" singer mentioned that they felt like they needed the engagement to prove security.

"I really had myself fooled because it was the safe and expected thing," Lovato told Entertainment Weekly in 2021. "Obviously I cared deeply about the person, but there was something inside of me that was like, 'I have to prove to the world that I'm okay.' They said that they feel much more empowered knowing that they're okay even without the ring.

The singer has also been open about their gender fluidity. At first, they identified with the pronouns 'they/them,' but they opened up to Spout Podcast saying, "Recently, I've been feeling more feminine, and so I've adopted 'she/her' again, but I think what's important is, nobody's perfect. Everyone messes up pronouns at some point, and especially when people are learning, it's just all about respect." Now, the singer has found love again.

Demi Lovato has been linked to a fellow musician

Demi Lovato has an extensive relationship history, including being linked to "Hannah Montana" star Cody Linley and fellow "Camp Rock" co-star Joe Jonas, per Page Six. After breaking off their engagement with Max Ehrich, the "Neon Lights" singer has reportedly found themselves in another relationship with a musician.

"It's a really happy and healthy relationship," an insider close to Lovato told People on August 8 about the new guy Lovato is reportedly seeing. "He's a super great guy."

No names have been dropped yet. According to BuzzFeed News, a small portion of the singer's new song called "29" has gone viral on TikTok, and fans have been speculating that the song is about their controversial relationship with "That 70s Show" star Wilmer Valderrama. The lyrics mention the numbers 17 and 29, which are the ages when the two supposedly met. We hope Lovato's relationship with this mystery musician goes well.