Shawn Mendes Appears Serene As Ever After World Tour Cancelation

In early July, Shawn Mendes announced that he needed to take a break from touring to focus on his mental health (via USA Today). In a since-deleted Instagram post, Mendes revealed that it was difficult to be away from his loved ones and that the pressure that came with touring became too overwhelming. He was set to resume his tour in Toronto on July 31, but a few days prior to the show, the "Mendes Army" received some sad news.

The "When You're Gone" singer took to Instagram to announce that he was canceling the rest of "Wonder: The World Tour." Mendes wrote, "We were hopeful that I might be able to pick up with the rest of the dates after some much-needed time off, but at this time I have to put my health as my first priority." He thanked his fans for their support and insisted that he would return to touring after he took the right time to heal.

While the majority of the singer's fans were understanding, others became angry about refunds and travel expenses that they would not be able to get back. Some fans were also shocked to see how much Mendes has been traveling and partying since the tour cancellation. However, despite the backlash, Mendes appears to be enjoying this time off.

Shawn Mendes is focusing on himself after cancelling his tour

Shawn Mendes has been spotted in both California and Miami, Florida, following his tour cancellation announcement. Recently, he celebrated his 24th birthday in Miami and was even spotted partying at LIV nightclub with The Weeknd, per People. In photos obtained by Page Six, he was also seen spending time with friends at the beach during his time in Florida. Mendes noted that being away from his family and friends had been difficult for him while he was on the road, but he appears to be making up for the lost time.

While leaving LAX on Aug. 9, he told a TMZ reporter, "I'm taking a lot of time just doing therapy. Just taking it easy, man, spending time with family." Mendes revealed that he's using the break from touring to do things he hasn't been able to do over the past few years like "just having dinners with friends and stuff."

Mendes also finally answered about what he has to say to fans concerned about refunds and travel expenses. He responded to the question optimistically and said, "I think we can figure it out. I mean everything is kind of workable." And although canceling a tour is never easy for an artist or their fans, Mendes appears to be focusing on what's most important for him right now — his health.