Anne Heche's Legal Situation Takes Grim Turn

Anne Heche is in the early stages of a legal investigation for her horrific car accidents in Los Angeles. On August 5, she committed a hit-and-run in an apartment complex garage. Shortly after, Heche crashed into a house, causing it to catch fire and leaving the actor with severe burns. Heche is now in a coma, per People. A statement to the outlet revealed, "She has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention."

Authorities believe that Heche was under the influence when she crashed into the home. The Los Angeles Police Department obtained a warrant to test Heche's blood for drug and alcohol usage at the time of the crash, per Page Six. An LAPD representative told the outlet, "If found intoxicated, [Heche] could be charged with misdemeanor DUI hit and run. No arrests have been made so far." Now, the investigation has intensified, and there could potentially be even more serious legal consequences on the horizon for Heche.

Anne Heche could face felony DUI charges

The Los Angeles Police Department is now pursuing a felony DUI charge for Anne Heche, per Page Six. Insiders told TMZ that the escalation comes following the occupant's claims of injuries that demanded medical treatment after Heche crashed into her home. Previously, a neighbor told People that the tenant "was extremely fortunate" to have no injuries from the car crash.

Prior to this news update, legal analyst Emily D. Baker spoke to People about Heche's legal situation. According to Baker, the investigation may take longer due to Heche's critical condition. But there'll still be consequences for the actor. She said, "With the property damage and stuff, could they put her on probation for a longer time than you'd see in a typical DUI? Yes." Baker added that if this is Heche's first DUI, she likely will not receive jail time. But now that the investigation has taken a deeper dive, a lot remains unknown. According to Criminal Defense Lawyer, incarceration in state prison or county jail are defining elements of a felony sentence in California. Thus, as Heche fights for her life, the legal investigation continues to unfold.