Savannah Guthrie's Today Show Close Call Is All Too Relatable

Is it just us, or is Savannah Guthrie one of the most relatable stars on the planet? The "Today" host and her beloved co-anchor, Hoda Kotb, tell it like it is, and when they make a mistake or have an embarrassing story, they are not afraid to share the deets with fans on social media. There's no doubt that Guthrie shares plenty of photos and videos of her kids, including baking moments that didn't exactly go according to plan. "From a crime scene of sprinkles to this not-terrible finished product! we are darn proud of ourselves!!" she captioned a photo of her son making cake pops in early August. She also included a few hashtags highlighting her "mediocre" baking skills.

In May, the "Today" anchor posted a series of images when she was sick with COVID. She made sure to include a make-up-free shot with a mask of some sort on her face. In the caption, Guthrie noted that she was thankful she didn't get too sick during the illness and shared with fans how she occupied her time. "Five days of faffing around: sleep, crazy face mask, rediscover yoga, sleep, another face mask, wordle, read, organize, sleep, quordle, binge watch, reheat pizza, scalp treatment (real bored), FaceTime, sunsets and counting the moments til reunion with my sweet babies!!!" she wrote in the caption.

On August 11, the star shared another post with fans that is all too relatable as she ran late for work and documented the whole thing.

Savannah Guthrie documents tense moments after oversleeping and nearly missing work

Even celebrities are not immune to the dreaded missed alarm clock. We've all been there before, where you're running late for your job all because you hit the snooze button one too many times or simply forgot to set your alarm. Savannah Guthrie is proving that she is all too relatable as she documented the missed alarm clock drama on her Instagram Stories and saved it to her feed. "Overslept big time. It's 6:34 am, and I'm still in the car," the "Today" host wrote, along with a selfie-style photo. A few minutes later, she shared another update with fans as she praised her glam squad for being "miracle workers."

Just moments before the show started, Guthrie shared another video that captured her walking into the "Today" studio as she proclaimed, "this is a miracle. I'm going to make it!" Guthrie's co-anchor, Craig Melvin, also made light of the situation after announcing that Guthrie's normal co-anchor Hoda Kotb had the morning off, and that Guthrie "almost had the morning off as well." He also said, "Savannah Guthrie rolled in about 15 minutes ago. She overslept! She is normal!"

This is not the first time Guthrie has made a snafu on the popular morning show. According to Yahoo!, the star revealed she had worn her shirt backward all morning on-air. The star snapped a selfie showing her tag in the front to prove her point. This once again proves that stars are just like us!