New Report About Anne Heche's Condition At The Time Of Her Crash Has Come To Light

Anne Heche is currently in a coma after suffering injuries and burns in a major car crash on August 5. In videos obtained by TMZ, Heche was driving recklessly and speeding throughout Los Angeles. She initially hit someone's garage with her vehicle before fleeing the scene and getting into an even bigger accident that led to a massive fire. The owner's home burned down as a result of the crash, and she was nearly killed along with her pets, per ET.

Heche was in critical condition and left in a coma from her injuries. A representative for the actor, Michael McConnell, told Reuters on August 9, "She has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention." He also revealed that she had "not regained consciousness since shortly after the accident."

It took over an hour and about 60 firefighters to put out the enormous fire caused by the accident, according to USA Today. Video footage obtained shows that Heche was clearly not stable while driving around before the crash, and as a result, the LAPD issued a warrant for her blood to determine if the actor was under the influence. Now, the results are in, and some may find them surprising.

Anne Heche was not drunk ... but not sober either

Anne Heche was not drunk, as many had suspected, when she crashed into a Los Angeles home, reports TMZ. The LAPD told the outlet that Heche's blood was tested shortly after she was admitted to the hospital and that both cocaine and fentanyl were found in her system. However, it's unclear if the actor was given fentanyl in the hospital for her pain or if it was in her system before she was even admitted. As a result, more testing and a further investigation still needs to be done.

Heche experienced severe burns from the crash and, according to TMZ, her condition has not improved in the past week. In fact, she is still in critical condition. Lynne Mishele, who owned the home Heche crashed into, was even hit with debris and experienced "smoke-related injuries," per Fox News. Although Mishele was not hospitalized, an LAPD officer told the outlet that Mishele "was very traumatized, psychologically traumatized." If she comes out of the coma, Heche may be facing felony charges as a result. A further investigation is currently underway as Heche remains in critical condition.