Padma Lakshmi Reveals Ex-Husband Salman Rushdie's Condition After Public Stabbing

Padma Lakshmi is speaking out on social media for the first time since her former husband, writer Salman Rushdie, was stabbed while on stage as he prepared to give a lecture in New York on August 12. It's thought Rushdie was stabbed in both the neck and the abdomen, according to BBC News, and was rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency surgery. Henry Reese, an interviewer part of the event, was also injured by the attacker who rushed the stage to get to the writer.

Rushdie's agent gave an update on his condition one day after the incident, telling BBC News that the novelist had been placed on a ventilator in the hospital in order to help him breathe. He shared that Rushdie was unable to speak and could even lose an eye as a result of the attack, also confirming he had suffered major damage to his liver and had severed nerves in his arm. It was later confirmed by USA Today that Rushdie had been taken off the ventilator, as those closest to the public figure, including Lakshmi, began to speak out about how he's doing amid his difficult recovery.

Padma Lakshmi shared her relief after her former husband's stabbing

Padma Lakshmi shared an update on Salman Rushdie's recovery on Twitter on August 14, telling her followers, "Relieved @SalmanRushdie is pulling through after Friday's nightmare. Worried and wordless, can finally exhale. Now hoping for swift healing." The "Top Chef" star was married to Rushdie from 2004 until 2007 and shared the same message on her Instagram Stories. Lakshmi's public statement came before Rushdie's family also took to Twitter to share a statement about his condition. Zafar Rushdie, Salman's son, wrote on the social media site that his father had managed to say a few words after being taken off the ventilator. "Though his life-changing injuries are severe, his usual feisty and defiant sense of humour remains intact," Zafar shared, also asking for privacy for the family as he thanked those who had reached out.

That same day, Salman's agent also spoke out about his condition, confirmed that he was doing better despite the serious injuries he sustained. He told The Associated Press (via USA Today) that the writer still had a long way to go when it came to his recovery, but added, "[his] condition is headed in the right direction."

A suspect in the attack, Hadi Matar, has denied attempted murder, according to Sky News.