Rumors Are Flying About Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Having Relationship Issues

Machine Gun Kelly proposed to Megan Fox less than a year ago, but that hasn't stopped the break-up and relationship issue rumors from circulating online. Fans noticed that Fox, who is typically very active on social media, has not posted with her fiancé on Instagram since the end of May. Kelly also hasn't shown off his "twin flame" — as the two like to call each other — on the platform since the premiere of his "Life in Pink" documentary back in June.

A source recently told The Sun, "They have been fighting a lot and getting on each other's nerves. They had an amazing relationship for the first year, but now Megan often feels she is dealing with a grown-up child." Another source, however, told Entertainment Tonight at the end of July that they were almost done wedding planning and interested in "potentially expanding their family one day."

The contradictory information from sources did not stop fans from thinking the couple had called it quits and the speculation only continued to take over social media. One fan tweeted, "Mgk and megan fox broke up nature is healing." While another wrote, "It's so sad that mgk & megan fox broke up like they were so cute tho." It was unclear what actually was going on between the couple, but loyal fans may have some answers.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have been spotted together

Fans may have been convinced that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox decided to go their separate ways, but recently obtained photos are saying otherwise. The couple was spotted walking side by side with their arms around each other on August 16 in Brentwood, California, per TMZ. Despite all of the break-up rumors swirling, sources close to the couple told TMZ that "they're doing fine" and aren't going through any major issues.

Fox was reportedly a no-show for Kelly's hometown tour stop in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 13. This came as a bit of a shock as it was his largest show on the tour, although Fox did support Kelly in-person during his shows on the west coast in California and Las Vegas. Despite her absence in Cleveland, he did speak about Fox while on-stage and even called her his wife. In a video posted by a fan-page on Instagram, Kelly says, "I talked to my wife before I got on stage tonight." He also revealed that she gave him a pep-talk before the show.

It appears that not everyone is aware that the pair is still together. Even after TMZ confirmed all was well between the two, one fan tweeted, "Did MGK in Megan break up? Something seems off." The news will reach social media users eventually because it doesn't appear that these twin flames are ending their romance anytime soon.