Are Chris And Paige From Married At First Sight Still Together?

Some women have dreamed of their wedding since they were little. However, they unlikely envisioned going to the chapel and getting married to a complete stranger as TV cameras roll. Well, that's what couples do on "Married at First Sight," the relationship reality show that's still going strong after 15 seasons. One bride and groom were even blindfolded for their big day during "Married at First Sight: Atlanta," adding some 50 shades of ridiculous to Season 12. Chris Williams and Paige Banks weren't the sightless singles, but they did help everybody see how sketchy these experts' matchmaking skills really are.

"I believe that this is my destiny," Paige dreamily declared to the camera while Chris stood waiting and fidgeting, worrying she wouldn't be hot enough. Pastor Dwight told the blushing bride, "Chris' top priorities in life are God and family." (In addition to hot chicks, presumably). 

They both loved God, family, kids, and home ownership. They even shared a love of infinity symbols! Everything was swell — until it wasn't. Per Newsweek, things started to go downhill after Chris admitted he was engaged until "a few months ago" and had only just tattooed over his fiancé's name on his arm. He talked about Mercedes constantly but Paige insisted in a camera confession that the X-factor wasn't "a huge red flag." However, everybody else could see how problematic it was. So, are Chris and Paige from "Married at First Sight" still together? Or is she just more ink on his arm?

Chris' gaslighting and lies pushed Paige to the limit

After getting together, Chris Williams told Paige Banks he wasn't attracted to her. "I've never been with a man who wants to have sex multiple times that doesn't desire me," a confused Paige admitted. Chris cried and said he felt "violated" and "betrayed" and even accused her of violating the Chicago "code" he lives by. Paige handled things with grace and respect; she walked away but kept returning as she clearly wanted their marriage to work, no matter how challenging.

Chris sat on a sofa, dying of embarrassment as Paige and his ex made nice while untangling his web of lies. He'd told Paige they needed a divorce because his ex was expecting his baby, still loved him, and wanted to reconcile. However, Mercedes reassured Paige that she hadn't received the reconciliation memo. "I'm irritated," Chris announced. "But, God is good." He blamed Paige for things not going his way. "[She] has her guns out, and she's firing shots," Chris claimed during a camera confession.

"I can't wait to read my Bible," he shared before berating Mercedes for defending Paige after he accused her of "being rude." Chris insisted he'd been "nothing but honest and respectful," unlike Paige. Chris' aggression and manipulation were on full display during the "final decision," finally resulting in Paige pulling the trigger. "For my mental health, I think I need to go ahead and not stay married," she announced. However, the trainwreck was still far from over.

Paige is moving on while Chris stays in the past

"Married at First Sight" doesn't have the best matchmaking record. Per Newsweek, 13 of the 54 married couples are still together — resulting in a 73% divorce rate. Meanwhile, CDC reports that 23% of marriages in the USA end in divorce. So, did Chris Williams and Paige Banks make it into the 27 or 73 club? At the end of Season 12, Paige's "final decision" was to walk away from her toxic marriage. Meanwhile, Chris complained to Pastor Cal that he hadn't picked a hot enough chick for him.

However, during the "MAFS" reunion, they shocked everybody by announcing they were in marriage counseling. It seemed Chris was willing to give it a shot now Paige had the X-factor. But, his never-ending love for his pregnant ex-ex, Mercedes, was his downfall again. Chris berated Pastor Dwight, the spiritual advisor who'd officiated his wedding, for "diminishing the value of Mercedes to build up Paige." Pastor Dwight told Chris he was out of line and couldn't handle reality checks. He proved Pastor Dwight's point by storming off-set.

Per Screenrant, Chris still can't get past the past, but Paige finally saw the light and filed for divorce. It wasn't easy, but she's had her mom there every step. "It's been very, very hard for me, and you've had to carry me through some really dark days," Paige posted on Instagram. "But it's something about a mother's love that eases all the pain away."