The Two Celebrities Who Stood By Vanessa Bryant In Court

Vanessa Bryant has been battling it out in court against the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and Fire Department officials for sharing disturbing photos from her husband Kobe Bryant's accident site. Since August 10, Vanessa has endured painful testimonies from witnesses who recounted the disgraced actions from police and fire officials. According to a Nicki Swift court reporter, Vanessa broke down in tears after Luella Weireter, wife of Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Cody Weireter, opened up on the stand about the insensitive remarks that took place after the horrifying photos were shown at the Golden Mike Awards in 2020. "I can't believe I just looked at Kobe's burnt up body and now I'm about to eat," Luella claimed fire fighter specialist Sky Cornell said.

While Vanessa is still mourning the loss of her husband and daughter two years later, it's been even more devastating for her to sit in the courtroom and hear harrowing details from witnesses who viewed these photos. In fact, CNN reported she had to remove herself at one point during Victor Gutierrez's testimony after he was asked if Gianna Bryant's body was visible in any of the photos he was shown. Vanessa asked permission to be excused to which the judge quickly responded, "You don't have to ask my permission."

Although it's been an emotionally draining trial, two of Vanessa's celebrity friends showed up to support her in court. 

Ciara and Monica walked into court with Vanessa Bryant

According to TMZ, Ciara and Monica joined Vanessa Bryant in court on Monday as the trial of her invasion of privacy lawsuit against Los Angeles County continues. Cameras captured Ciara, Vanessa, and her daughter Natalia dressed in black as they held hands headed towards the courthouse. Monica, who was also dressed in all black, was seen walking alongside the trio. The outlet reported the singers sat behind Vanessa the entire time and never left her side, not even when she had to step outside. 

On August 19, Vanessa testified that she was distraught after news of the leaked photos started to swirl online, per BBC News. "I don't ever want to see these photographs," she said. "I want to remember my husband and my daughter the way they were." Vanessa argues she was "blinded" and is fearful of the possibility these disturbing photos of the victims remains could make it to social media. "I expected them to have more compassion," she said in court.