The Rumored Reason For Sylvester Stallone And Jennifer Flavin's Divorce Is Pretty Odd

Calling it quits. After 25 years of marriage, Jennifer Flavin has officially filed for divorce from her husband Sylvester Stallone. The announcement of the filing comes after the two had a rocky week, with Stallone covering up his tattoo of Flavin and Flavin posting mysterious messages to social media, per Us Weekly.

Stallone and Flavin met back in 1988 and were married almost 10 years later, in 1997, per People. The news of the pair's separation comes as a shock to many fans since the two have frequented red carpet appearances over the years and have continued to be one another's "rock" since tying the knot. Back in May, they celebrated their milestone anniversary — 25 years – and took to social media to share heartfelt notes to one another, with Flavin saying at the time their marriage just "keeps getting better," though the post has now been deleted.

Now, three months later, it seems like their marriage got to the best it would ever get, at least to Flavin — because now she is calling it quits. But what is more shocking than these two separating in the first place is the reason why Flavin filed for divorce. In fact, the reason why has even started to raise eyebrows as many are now wondering how these two couldn't work past this one issue, leading them to celebrate another year of marriage, rather than signing the divorce papers.

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin's different opinions on a new dog led to their divorce

It seems like Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin were in the dog days of their relationship, as Flavin just filed for divorce from the "Rocky" actor after 25 years of marriage.

Filing for the separation in Palm Beach County, Florida, Flavin's petition wrote that the star sought a divorce "for dissolution of marriage and other relief," per People. But according to sources, the reason for the divorce is more than that. Rather, the split comes after Stallone and Flavin had a major disagreement over whether Stallone could adopt a new dog or not, per TMZ. Apparently, Stallone wanted to adopt a Rottweiler to use to protect the family, though Flavin was strongly opposed to having another dog in the house, according to sources. But despite Flavin's opposition, by early August, Stallone had taken to Instagram to show off his new best friend, a Rottweiler he adopted named Dwight.

And that seems to have been the final straw for Flavin. Sources added that when the two discussed the dog, other issues within their relationship were brought up, but the dog was the breaking point. Though to Stallone, despite Flavin filing for divorce, he seems to be showing his ex who the most important person in his life really is, as he was spotted covering up his tattoo of Flavin with a drawing of a Rottweiler shortly after the filing — showcasing to Flavin, a dog is a man's best friend.