Wendy Williams' Former Lawyer Makes Bold Claims About Her Disastrous Financial Woes

Wendy Williams' former attorney is speaking out about the drama surrounding the talk show host, and has made a huge claim about her current team. Williams hosted "The Wendy Williams Show" for over a decade, until a series of bizarre circumstances prevented her return to the daytime program. The Emmy-nominated program has since come to a close with a replacement show hosted by Sherri Shepherd in the works, but Williams has promised a return to broadcast media. However, rumors have begun to surface about Williams' mental state, prompting Wells Fargo to reportedly freeze the entertainer's bank accounts.

Williams has vehemently denied Wells Fargo's claims, and has insisted that her mental health is fine. The former shock jock's financial debacle was further exacerbated when The U.S. Sun reported that her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., racked up a huge bill on Williams' credit card. "Kevin Jr. spent around $100,000 on Wendy's personal American Express card. This was her own AmEx specifically," an insider claimed. Hunter Jr. has since denied the allegations, and now Williams' ex-attorney, LaShawn Thomas, is slamming those around the media mogul, and she is not holding back her feelings.

Wendy's ex-attorney says the host was 'left to die'

In February, Wendy Williams hired her ex-husband's attorney, LaShawn Thomas, to represent her in her lawsuit against Wells Fargo. Thomas is no longer serving as a part of Williams' counsel, but the lawyer is still sharing her thoughts on the talk show host's financial battle. "The real issue is that Wells Fargo, through their adviser, refused to grant Wendy access to her own accounts," Thomas said in a statement provided to Page Six. "No one attempted to gain access to any of Wendy's accounts. The Wells Fargo adviser [Lori Schiller] and [former manager Bernie Young] were the only people with access... They left Wendy to die," Thomas claimed. 

Thomas went on to defend Williams' son, Kevin Hunter Jr., against claims that he was irresponsibly spending the radio legend's money. According to Thomas, Hunter Jr. has been instrumental in Williams' recovery and has made his mother's health his main priority. "He coordinated all of her appointments, made sure she attended all appointments, cooked and cleaned for his mother," Thomas added. 

And while Thomas' remarks about Williams may shed a bit of light on the broadcaster's financial woes, her mental state remains in question, according to the Daily Mail. In images obtained by the outlet, Williams was seen barefoot and seemingly disoriented while in the lobby of her New York City apartment. A source also revealed to the outlet that Williams' health is "worse than people realize."