Johnny Depp's Close Friend Gives His Unfiltered Opinion Of Amber Heard

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial was very public and very humiliating for both sides. The former spouses duked it out with accusations of physical, emotional, and substance abuse, lousy parenting, bed pooping, scheming, and manipulating. Ultimately, the jury ruled in favor of Depp, but Heard continues to fight against the verdict.

Fans and friends of the actors are as divided as the warring exes, publicly tweeting and speaking out against their choice of foe. The court of public opinion seems to have sided mainly with Depp, who emerged pretty unscathed from the legal controversy. Heard? Not so much. Industry experts predict her career will take a significant hit, and she'll struggle to shake off the stink from the trial. "Depp is on another level when it comes to celebrity," PR expert Evan Nierman told Insider. "Amber Heard, on the other hand, was a virtual unknown until this trial, so this was hardly the introduction that she would've wanted in terms of continuing her career."

Meanwhile, the list of celebs who can't stand Heard gets longer by the day. Per the Independent, Javier Bardem, Kate Moss, Winona Ryder, Penélope Cruz, and Vanessa Paradis are among A-Lister #TeamDepp members. Controversial podcast host Joe Rogan has been outspoken with his views against Heard. "I'm watching this trial, and, like, it's a cautionary tale about believing in bulls***," he claimed on "The Joe Rogan Experience," adding he thinks Heard's "crazy." Now, another of Depp's close friends gives his unfiltered opinion.

Dough Stanhope doesn't hold back when bashing Amber Heard

In 2016, Doug Stanhope wrote an op-ed for The Wrap, claiming Amber Heard blackmailed Johnny Depp. The comedian alleged she was "threatening to lie about him publicly" if he didn't pay up. Per TMZ, Heard sued Stanhope for defamation but withdrew the lawsuit three months later. "Amber is moving on, getting back to work, and leading a normal, happy life," her rep said.

Meanwhile, Stanhope definitely didn't move on. He claimed Heard seized the opportunity to start "f***ing with [Depp's] head again" when his mother died. "I assume using this opportunity of his weakness to manipulate him even more and harder," Stanhope alleged in his book, "No Encore for the Donkey" (via Daily Mail). He said their marriage was toxic and claimed Depp had been the actual victim and that he'd suffered in silence. "Someone close to you, stuck in an abusive relationship, who will never concede that they are actually being abused," Stanhope wrote.

Benicio Del Torro also told the Daily News that Heard appeared "manipulative." The Guardian notes that domestic violence campaigners "fear the public mockery of Heard" might stop other women from reporting abuse. The paper cited "wearily familiar tropes," such as female victims being money-grabbing, manipulative, and the "crazy ex," while the accused perpetrator is perceived as "too nice" to mistreat or assault their partner. "These are all characteristics of abusers — that they can lovebomb you, that they're incredibly charming," charity CEO Ruth Davison said.