Armie Hammer's Legal Troubles Only Continue To Brew

The following article contains discussion of sexual assault and violence.

Armie Hammer's fall from Hollywood heartthrob to total disgrace has been unusually fast, dark, and ongoing — even for the post-#MeToo era. Ever since the serious allegations made by some of his former girlfriends became public, the "Call Me By Your Name" actor's career and public image have torpedoed, and his legal troubles only continue to mount. 

The first allegations surfaced on Instagram in January of 2021, when a woman claimed that she had a four-year affair with Hammer, and that he would send her messages describing his violent sexual fantasies, including cannibalism, according to Vulture. Soon, additional women came forward on social media with their own stories from dating Hammer, which included allegations of psychological abuse and sexual coercion. In March of 2021, a woman known only by the name Effie (possibly the same woman who made the first allegation) claimed that Hammer had violently raped her in 2017, which he denied. The Los Angeles Police Department then told Variety that Hammer was "the main suspect in an alleged sexual assault investigation that was initiated Feb. 3 of this year."

Which brings us to today.

A special prosecutor has been assigned to Armie Hammer's case

Armie Hammer still hasn't been charged with anything yet, but we do have an update on the Los Angeles Police Department's ongoing investigation of Effie's sexual assault allegation. According to Page Six, spokesman for the LA County District Attorney's Office Greg Risling said, "A specially assigned prosecutor is working with law enforcement as they continue their investigation." Risling added, "Once law enforcement has completed their investigation and submits the case to our office we will conduct an evaluation and file criminal charges that are supported by the evidence."

If the police department does file criminal charges soon, it couldn't come at a worse time for Hammer. On September 2, Discovery+ will premiere its new, three-part documentary "House of Hammer," which claims to expose the darkest secrets of the entire Hammer family. The docuseries features interviews with Hammer's own aunt, Casey Hammer, and the actor is trying to "prepare himself" for its release, according to a source speaking to ET.