Meghan King's Relationship With Ex-Husband Jim Edmonds Is More Strained Than We Knew

Fans first saw Meghan King and Jim Edmond's relationship play out in the Bravo hit, "The Real Housewives of Orange County." While many recognized Edmonds as the famous slugger from the St. Louis Cardinals, the show put King on the map and introduced her to viewers, some of whom are now fans, across the country. Her IMDb profile reveals that King appeared on the show for three seasons, but ultimately decided to leave to move back home to St. Louis with Edmonds. "I know this is what I must do. I must focus on my family and my pregnancy," she wrote on her website in 2018, adding that she will miss several of the show's events and cast members. 

King and Edmonds, who share three children together — daughter Aspen and sons Hayes and Hart, have had most of their marital issues play out in the press. In 2019, Us Weekly reported that Edmonds filed divorce papers following five years of marriage to the reality star. "Meghan and Jim have been fighting," a source revealed to the outlet. "The latest fight began when he went to a recent hockey game, and she began interrogating him about who he went with." Of course, Edmonds also found himself in the middle of a sexting scandal before he filed for divorce. "My ex had a sexting situation while we were married. I consider that cheating," King shared on the "Intimate Knowledge" podcast in 2020 (via People).

And now? Their relationship seems more strained than ever.

Meghan King gets restraining order against Jim Edmonds

The drama between Meghan King and her ex-husband, Jim Edmonds, rages on. According to a report from TMZ, the pair has hit another road bump in their co-parenting relationship, and it's getting pretty messy. In documents that the outlet obtained from St. Louis County Court, it's come to light that King filed a restraining order against Edmonds. TMZ reveals that King filed the restraining order in June, though details are only publicly coming to light now, which Edmonds has tried to avoid. 

The outlet shares that King and Edmonds communicate via text and on a Family Wizard app and that's where King alleges that she suffered "frequent and consistent verbal abuse" from Edmonds. TMZ does not share details on what exactly Edmonds wrote in the texts in question, but they do state that the arguments stem from King and Edmonds' custody arrangement and a pickup and drop-off schedule by which Edmonds has reportedly not abided. A court hearing scheduled at the end of the month will determine whether King's request is made permanent or not.

In June, Edmonds' rep famously lashed out at King to TMZ for publicizing their son Hart's health issues after King told fans that Hart was having issues with potty training because of his cerebral palsy diagnosis. The problem? Edmonds claims Hart has periventricular leukomalacia and not CP. Edmonds' rep told King to stop publicizing her son's health for attention. Ouch.