Angela Barbuti

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New York, NY
Villanova University
Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity Relationships, Reality Dating Shows
  • Angela has always been a journalist since her middle school days in Queens, New York.
  • Based in New York, she's interviewed actors at movie press junkets from Seth Rogen to John Krasinski. She also writes for a column in a Manhattan newspaper, where she interviews a different New York professional each week, from authors to doctors to chefs to CEOs. Her interview subjects for the paper have included quintessential New Yorkers such as Gloria Steinem, Misty Copeland, Billy Eichner, and Tony Danza.
  • As for reality shows, she was one of the first journalists to cover Shark Tank exclusively, interviewing the contestants on the show each week.


Angela is a features and entertainment writer who has been working as a journalist in her native New York for close to 20 years. Her work has been featured in the New York Daily News, the New York Post, the NY Press, and Her personal essay was selected for publication in NYU's literary magazine, Dovetail. A celebrity interviewer, she's spoken to icons such as Gloria Steinem and John Lewis and stars like Zac Efron and Jamie Dornan.


Angela graduated from Villanova University, where she was a news reporter for its newspaper, The Villanovan, for all her four years there. When she returned to New York City, she enrolled in journalism classes at New York University, The New School, and Hunter College.
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