Jimmy Kimmel's Emmys Apology To Quinta Brunson Has Twitter Divided

There always seems to be one controversial moment at an awards show that makes headlines (ahem, Will Smith's slap at the 2022 Oscars). In the case of the 2022 Emmy awards, Jimmy Kimmel came under fire for a stunt that he pulled on stage. While it did not involve slapping a presenter, it did involve laying and pretending he passed out. Kimmel lost the award for Outstanding Variety Talk Series before he took the stage and presented an award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. The late night host presented with fellow comedian Will Arnett, but he wasn't totally with it. Arnett dragged Kimmel's body across the stage as he joked that the star had too many "margaritas" before he was due to present. Once Arnett announced Quinta Brunson as the winner for her writing in "Abbott Elementary," Kimmel remained laying on the stage as Brunson said, "Jimmy, wake up. I won." While Kimmel continued to lay there, Brunson delivered her speech to the audience as she accepted the award.

Many fans felt like Kimmel stole Brunson's big moment, so he welcomed her on his late-night show, where he apologized, calling his behavior a "dumb comedy bit" before elaborating further. "I'm sorry I did do that, actually. And also, the last thing I would ever want to do was upset you because I think so much of you," he told Brunson and the audience. "And I think you know that — I hope you know that." But was the apology too little too late?

Fans weigh in on Jimmy Kimmel's apology

The verdict is in... and Jimmy Kimmel has fans divided over his Emmys apology to Quinta Brunson. After the late-night host apologized to the star, fans and foes took to Twitter to weigh in on whether they felt that the apology was genuine or not. Let's start with the naysayers first. "He's not sorry. He could've said sorry privately to QB," one person wrote, insisting Kimmel's apology was a media stunt since he did it on his show. "Literally WORST "apology" that was politely laughed off by Quinta. He basically said ope, I guess I should apologize for that, but it was REALLY Will Arnett's fault. Bruh," another added. One more said, "I like Kimmel, but that skit was rude."

On the flip side, a few others felt like Kimmel's apology was genuine. "Jimmy Kimmel just had Quinta Brunson on his show. Had a beautiful heartfelt apology. Admitted it was dumb. I admire for him," one wrote. "I love Jimmy Kimmel, and despite his comedy bit falling flat, I don't believe that he meant any harm," another fan tweeted, applauding Kimmel for having Brunson on his show. Another social media user said they had "extra respect for making the apology in person instead of posting a hostage video."

According to Page Six, Brunson talked to the press after her win, saying, "Tomorrow maybe I'll be mad at him," before joking she may "punch him in the face," though she wasn't sure.