The Surprising Reason RHOC Alum Meghan King Is Celebrating Her Ex's New Marriage

Meghan King and Jim Edmonds have been through a lot in recent years. The couple first made waves in 2014 when they appeared on the hit Bravo show "The Real Housewives of Orange County." King left the series in 2018 (via Bravo) to return home to St. Louis with Edmonds, where the couple was building their dream home. Sadly, King never actually got to move into the house, and they called it quits in 2019.

Both Edmonds and King have not been shy about calling one another out in public, and their relationship has seen plenty of drama played out in the press. Things have gotten pretty ugly, and in September, People reported that King got a temporary restraining order against her ex for allegedly having "to endure frequent and consistent verbal abuse." In the documents, King listed multiple platforms where Edmonds unleashed the verbal abuse, including on a parenting app and over text messages. King also sought to make the motion public, while Edmonds has been trying to conceal his legal woes. (See? We told you it was messy.)

But, only weeks later, King dropped two orders of protection against Edmonds, per People. "As I continue to heal I've become enlightened and more aware of what I've been through and how to handle it," King told the outlet. "Let's just say I'll remain protected and safe with a binding document not accessible to the public." However, things still aren't hunky dory.

Meghan King has something to cheer about

To some, it may not be too exciting when their former spouse gets married. But in the case of Meghan King and her ex, Jim Edmonds, she seems to want to throw a big ol' party. The reality star opened up to Us Weekly about Edmond's marriage to Kortnie O'Connor, and she's pretty darn happy. "He's spending massive, whopping, inconceivable amounts of money on his bride. Like, I am all for it, whatever it takes. Keep her around," she told the outlet, adding that Edmonds also loves to take O'Connor on "lavish" trips and buy her name-brand purses, like Chanel, and flashy cars, like a Ferrari. "Do anything you can to keep this woman because I don't know what would happen if she was gone. Like, he would fall apart."

In a surprising turn, she also gave credit where credit was due. Since Edmonds has been with O'Connor for three years, King said that stability has been important for their three kids. "I haven't been able to give them that stability and a partner, which is a huge piece of mom guilt for me," she said. "But at least Jim — with his mountain of faults — is able to provide that. I'm gonna give him props where props are due."

Edmonds and O'Connor wed in a small ceremony in Italy in late September, and the baseball star gushed over the "most beautiful bride ever" in an Instagram post after the nuptials.