Has Michele Morrone Ever Been Married?

Italian actor Michele Morrone is perhaps better known overseas than in America — until pictures of him posing alongside Khloé Kardashian at Milan Fashion Week went viral, that is. In September, the "365 Days" star posted a snap to his Instagram Stories that showed him cuddling up with Kardashian backstage. In the image, Kardashian rocked a gravity-defying updo and wore a chic, black turtleneck outfit, while Morrone whispered in her ear. There was also photo evidence of Morrone and Kardashian dancing and sitting front-row together at the Dolce & Gabbana show, according to Page Six.

Following the end of Kardashian's tumultuous relationship with Tristan Thompson, fans rallied around a potential spicy Italian fling for her, but alas, it was not meant to be. Morrone's rep denied any reports of romance, and confirmed that his time with Kardashian was simply friendly. "Dolce and Gabbana asked them to take a photo at the show," the rep told People. "Michele said she was very nice, and that was the extent of it." Another source stated that Kardashian had never met Morrone prior to the show. It's a bummer for fans who shipped them, but at least now Kardashian can "get [started on] the healing process" following all that went down with Thompson (via Yahoo!). Morrone is also moving forward with his own life, but the recent media scrutiny has people focused on his love life. For example, is he dating anyone? Has he ever been married?

Michele Morrone and Rouba Saadeh are divorced

Michele Morrone is currently single, but he was married to Rouba Saadeh until 2018, according to E! News. Judging by her Instagram feed, which is packed with haute couture dresses and moody selfies, the Lebanese-born Saadeh appears to work in the fashion industry. Her Instagram bio confirms that she's a designer for Elie Saab.

Prior to divorcing, she and Morrone welcomed children Marcus and Brado, whom Morrone adores. "My kids are seven and three years old, and they don't know anything about life," the actor told Elle India in 2021. "They're like sponges; they just absorb everything that you do and say. So, you have to be really, really careful." Though Morrone and Saadeh have gone their separate ways, the Italian star continues to gush over his kids. In 2019, he posted an Instagram of his two boys alongside the caption, "ho messo al mondo due vite," or, "I have brought two lives into the world."

Morrone has also been candid on Instagram about the difficulties of divorce. After splitting with Saadeh, he did quite a bit of soul-searching and sought a modest existence in a small village. "I was in a severe state of depression after divorcing my wife," he wrote. "I found work as a gardener in a remote village of 1000 inhabitants because I had no more money in my pocket. But life is strange, when you're down, destiny puts the right train in front of you."

Michele Morrone hasn't found the right person yet

Michele Morrone has not dated seriously following his split from Rouba Saadeh. After his role in Netflix's "365 Days" rocketed him to stardom, he sat down with People in June to discuss everything from his tattoos to his love life. "Right now I'm absolutely single," he said. "It's not because I want to be single, but I have no time. I'm focusing so much on my career, my kids. And I probably haven't found the right person yet."

But just because Morrone is claiming to be single doesn't mean everyone is buying it. For example, the intense chemistry he shared with his "365 Days" co-star Anna-Maria Sieklucka on-set led fans to believe the two were dating IRL. Both actors debunked the rumors, with Morrone telling a Polish outlet (via Oprah Daily) that he and Sieklucka are simply "very, very good friends." In fact, their relationship strengthened because they performed racy scenes together. "They were really deep, so if we didn't like each other and had that bond on set, it wasn't going to be real — the scenes," Morrone added. "We were forced to be friends, but we became friends for real. I love Anna."

Despite locking lips with Italian ballet dancer Elena D'Amario in 2019, per Marie Claire, Morrone's love life is taking a backseat to his acting career. Along with "365 Days," the actor has also appeared in TV shows like "The Teacher," "Medici," and "The Trial" (via IMDb).