What You Don't Know About Alexandra Daddario

Over the years, Alexandra Daddario's television credits have included multiple roles in "Law & Order" and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," which is fitting because she was raised by parents who both worked in the legal field. Per the New York Post, while her mother was an attorney for Merrill Lynch, it's also easy to imagine a lead character in a legal drama going on to obtain her dad's job — second-in-command at the New York Police Department's counterterrorism division. 

Daddario told Us Weekly that she once dreamed of becoming a lawyer like her parents, but they discouraged her, per Vanity Fair. Instead, she looked elsewhere for career inspiration and found it on Broadway. "The performance that made me want to become an actor was Cosette in ['Les Misérables']," Daddario told IMDb. She was 12 years old at the time, but it would take her a while to realize that she could actually make a living as an actor. "[It] seemed like not a real job to me as a kid. It seemed like something that, like, aliens did on another planet," she told Schön! "In the world that I grew up in, it seemed like actors were manufactured in a lab." 

Once she left her petri dish for planet Hollywood, Daddario found success in the family-friendly "Percy Jackson" movie franchise and broke out in television via the prestige series, "True Detective," which was certainly not rated PG. Now, we're playing detective to uncover some facts you might not know about Alexandra Daddario. 

She appeared in commercials as a kid

Alexandra Daddario got her start in commercials, with one of her strangest auditions happening when she was a young teen. It was for the "Got Milk?" campaign and it called for her to kiss a boy, which is something she'd done just once before. "I would have chocolate syrup in my mouth, and the boy would put milk in his mouth, and we'd make out," Daddario told Interview. "And then, we'd come up from the big make-out, and we'd have chocolate milk mustaches." While some might not find this manner of making chocolate milk all that appetizing, Daddario confessed that she was just excited that she got to kiss a guy. "I'm absolutely positive my parents didn't know that was what the audition was," she mused.

Daddario also appeared in ads for laxatives and SnackWell's cookies that aired quite frequently, per the New York Post. But when she worked with the world's most famous doll, Americans didn't see the results. "I was a hand model in a Barbie commercial that only aired in China," she told Us Weekly.

While she gained experience appearing in front of a camera, Daddario told Collider that her ad work didn't prepare her at all for what it would be like filming her first TV series, "All My Children." She said of the soap opera, "It was a great training ground just for the basic things you need to know that you can't learn in acting class."

Percy Jackson changed her life

Per the Daily Beast, Alexandra Daddario's character ended up getting written off "All My Children," and the acting jobs that followed weren't enough to pay the bills. So that she'd have more time to audition, Daddario dropped out of Marymount Manhattan College and started working at a burger joint.

It was during this difficult time period that the star got cast in the 2010 fantasy film, "Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief." A decade later, she looked back on her first major movie acting experience fondly. "I was working at a bar, I didn't have any idea of Hollywood or of all this stuff. And so when I got that job, I didn't really know what I was stepping into," she told TheWrap. "And it was the most amazing experience for a ... 23-year-old to have."

When Daddario learned that Disney+ was creating an episodic reboot of "Percy Jackson," she was prepared to pass the torch onto a new Annabeth Chase, the demigod character she played in the original film and its sequel. "It's cool to see there's a new generation of people who will enjoy having a TV series. I'm excited for it," she told the New York Post. When racist trolls attacked the casting of Leah Jeffries in the role of Annabeth, Daddario came to the star's defense, tweeting, "Leah Jeffries is going to be an incredible Annabeth!!!"

You might recognize Alexandra Daddario's siblings

When she decided to become an actor, Alexandra Daddario started a family trend. Her younger sister, Catharine Daddario, has a number of acting credits, including the Lifetime movie, "Dying for a Crown" and the drama, "Donna." While promoting the latter in an interview with AnyGoodFilms? Catharine joked that acting wasn't what her mom and dad had in mind when they advised their kids not to follow in their footsteps by becoming attorneys — the parents were thinking more along the lines of jobs in the medical and science fields. Some of Alexandra's fans might also recognize Catharine from her sister's Instagram page, where the siblings appear together in promotional photos for Aerie swimwear.

Meanwhile, Alexandra's brother, Matthew Daddario, has also made a name for himself in Hollywood. He appeared in the TV adaptation of "Shadowhunters" and joined Alexandra in the cast of "Why Women Kill." However, the siblings starred in different seasons of the dark comedy.

Matthew told Schön! that people often mistook him and Alexandra for twins when they were younger, and he shared a close bond with his two sisters. Unfortunately, their parents did not benefit from their camaraderie. "Oh my God, we were crazy. It's nuts," he told Flaunt. The siblings haven't worked together yet, but Catharine told AnyGoodFilms? that she believes an action movie would be the perfect vehicle for a familial collab. "Or if one of us could kill the other, I'd love it," she joked.

Alexandra has a unique set of talents

In 2014, Alexandra Daddario told Interview that she's a darn good pianist, with "Moonlight Sonata" her favorite piece to play. In an episode of "Parenthood," she got to perform the Beethoven classic, and she also puts her musical talents to use in the movie, "We Have Always Lived in the Castle." "Sometimes, when there's a piano on set, I'll just sit down and start playing. Then, the director or whoever will be like, 'Oh my God, you can play?' and then they'll try and incorporate it," she told The Hollywood Reporter. Her repertoire also includes original pieces. "I try to write my own music. It's a good way of de-stressing," she proclaimed to Interview.

However, when she was asked to showcase a talent during auditions as a kid, she didn't tickle the ivories. Instead, she demonstrated how she can walk on her knees with her legs crossed in the lotus position, something she's still able to do now. "I never got a job for any audition in which I did that special talent," she commiserated in a Comedy Central interview.

Her balance and flexibility came in handy when she started doing yoga, and the practice quickly became one of her favorite workouts. As she told Collider, it also helped her performance in the scorching hot horror flick, "Texas Chainsaw" — hot yoga classes acclimated the star to the intense heat she'd be filming in for the movie.

She is really into alternative medicine

Alexandra Daddario is a big believer in the power of alternative medicine, and she's particularly passionate about acupuncture. In an interview on the "HypochondriActor" podcast, she revealed that she was suffering from a frozen shoulder when a stuntman recommended his acupuncturist to her. "I walked out of the place, and my arm was fixed. It was insane," said the actor. From that point on, she was hooked.

In addition to treating various physical problems, Daddario swears that acupuncture just makes her feel better overall. Thankfully, she's no trypanophobe. "I've had the needles everywhere — all over my body," she told Women's Health. This includes a spot that would make many people squeamish — her perineum. But Daddario swears that she walked out of the acupuncturist's office (yes, she could still walk) feeling incredible. "I don't even care if it's placebo effect," she said on "HypochondriActor." Her obsession has inspired her to seek out experienced acupuncturists all around the globe, and she's even shared a photo of her dog, Eunice, chilling with some acupuncture needles jutting out of her fur, on Instagram

Daddario is also a fan of cupping, the practice of placing heated cups on the body, per WebMD. The suction this creates leaves round, bruise-like marks behind. In a YouTube video, the actor told her friend Kate that it helps her sleep and that she was seeing some improvement in the neck stiffness she was suffering from at the time.

Alexandra Daddario is a YouTube star

During the pandemic, Alexandra Daddario started a YouTube channel with her "quaranteam" roomies, Morgan Nalley, and her "Lost Girls and Love Hotels" co-star, Kate Easton. "I found it very, very relaxing and meditative to just edit and have something creative to do," Daddario told L'Officiel. "I have this weird documentary of the last year and a half of my life in this YouTube channel, so that was something that we did creatively to keep us sane." The three friends filmed themselves doing all sorts of different activities, including playing dress-up, creating dating profiles, and trying ASMR.

Daddario also kept the camera rolling when she jetted off to Hawaii to film "The White Lotus." In one video, her co-star Lukas Gage made a cameo and discussed his own viral fame. That encompassed his quirky hobby of leaving humorous reviews on the Yelp pages of various establishments, including the Los Angeles County jail and a mortuary. Daddario also filmed an underwater encounter with giant sea turtles.

While co-interviewing each other for People, Easton told Daddario that a video of their quaranteam goofing off at the pool was her favorite and explained why. "Only because that was a fan favorite, and I like when people like us," she admitted. As of this writing, that video has 4.4 million views and boatloads of rave reviews. "She knows what we want, and she delivers. She does not disappoint," wrote one fan in the comments.

Barack Obama has probably seen her boobs

Following its 2014 premiere, the HBO series "True Detective" became a cultural phenomenon that could even count the commander-in-chief at the time as a fan. According to The New York Times, Barack Obama was so hooked on the show that he asked HBO's chief exec for advance screeners of episodes. Upon learning this, Alexandra Daddario tweeted, "The president has seen my boobs." In 2018, she told Men's Journal that she later got the opportunity to meet the former president but said, "No, he didn't mention my boobs to me. But if he saw 'True Detective,' he's seen them." In reference to then-president Donald Trump, she added, "The current president may have also seen them ..." 

In addition to possibly being something that bridged the divide between opposite sides of the political spectrum, Daddario credits her "True Detective" nude scenes for invigorating her somewhat stagnant career. She had hoped to use her role to pad her résumé, but the effect it had was immediate. "My manager called ... in the morning after the episode aired and she was like, 'The phone's been ringing off the hook all morning,'" the actor recalled to Collider. Among the many job offers she received was playing the daughter of Dwayne Johnson's character in the 2015 action blockbuster "San Andreas." Two years later, the actors reunited to play lifeguards in "Baywatch."

She gained weight for her role in Baywatch

In 2017, Alexandra Daddario appeared in the "Baywatch" movie as lifeguard Summer Quinn, the character Nicole Eggert played in the TV series that inspired the film. To prepare for her slow-mo sand run in a red swimsuit, the star actually packed on the pounds, per Women's Health. However, she had to hit the gym hard to build muscle, which is what was making the number on the scale tick up. Celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy, whose clients at the time included Daddario's "Baywatch" co-star Zac Efron, helped her get defined abs by introducing the yoga fan to the wonders of lifting weights and utilizing other strength-training tools like TRX bands. "I've never done anything where I've thought about my body as much," said Daddario. "You are literally in a bikini the entire day." 

As far as her diet was concerned, one of the most valuable lessons Daddario learned from her co-star Dwayne Johnson is the importance of rewarding yourself with a "cheat day." She told Men's Journal, "If you focus on eating really healthy all week, you need the freedom to have a day to eat whatever you want and relax."

For her "Baywatch" role, Daddario also had to rock a fake tan to get a sun-kissed glow. Unfortunately, the bronze solution rubbed off on the sheets in her hotel room, making staffers think that she'd had an accident in bed. "They asked me to pay a mattress sanitization fee," she told BBC Radio 1 (via AP).

Alexandra Daddario's dating difficulties

Alexandra Daddario might be considered a sex symbol now, but she told People that she found it hard to attract guys' attention as a teen, describing herself as being a bit on the geeky side. This is why she didn't mind the rumors that she was dating her "Baywatch" co-star Zac Efron. "The fact that people think that I can get someone as hot as Zac Efron, it's cool, I feel like I'm getting back at all the boys in high school that wouldn't date me," she told Marie Claire Australia.

While that lifeguard love connection turned out to be nothing more than flattering speculation, Daddario did reportedly get romantically involved with a different co-star — fellow "Percy Jackson" actor, Logan Lerman. Per Just Jared, they were photographed together after Daddario's birthday in 2015. However, their rumored relationship didn't last.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Daddario opened up about her dating difficulties. "We all have s***ty, tumultuous relationships when we're younger, and it's harder to let go," she said. "I've had those relationships, and you have to make those mistakes to find out what we really want." She got so desperate to find love that she even tried Tinder, but confessed to Women's Health that she found it a tad humiliating when other users realized who she was. Giving up on the modern dating method proved to be a smart move — when she finally did meet Mr. Right, it wasn't through an app.

She became a stepmom when she got married

Speaking to Vogue, Alexandra Daddario recalled how she met her future husband, producer Andrew Form, during a walk in NYC. "We passed each other downtown. He turned back and said 'hi' just as I was turning around to glance back at him. I laughed and said 'hi,' and then we both laughed about how we were the only two people on what is normally an incredibly busy street," she recounted. The producer invited her to have dinner with him, and their COVID-era courtship began. In August 2021, Form popped the question at the Four Seasons in Athens, and the couple tied the knot eleven months later. 

Daddario's hubby was previously married to "Fast & Furious" star Jordana Brewster, and there's actually a horror franchise connection between his ex-wife and his new bride. While Daddario starred in the 2013 movie "Texas Chainsaw," in an essay for Glamour, Brewster revealed that she met Form while filming "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning." She added that they decided to divorce because they weren't spending much time together and had grown apart. "I sometimes mourn the fact that my boys won't grow up in a home with their mom and dad together," Brewster wrote.  

However, the two sons she shares with Form, Julian, and Rowan, have gained a stepmother in Daddario, who told Vogue that the boys served as ringbearers and their dad's groomsmen when she and Form got married in New Orleans.

She took wedding inspo from Meghan Markle

In a 2019 appearance on "The Late Late Show," Alexandra Daddario accused Meghan Markle of ruining her favorite hot yoga studio in NYC by going there for a sweat sesh, predicting that this would make the classes harder to get into. However, she later proved that there were no hard feelings by telling People that she counts herself among the Duchess of Sussex's many admirers — so much so that some of her wedding day jewelry was inspired by the former Hollywood star.

For her 2018 wedding reception, Markle sported a cocktail ring with a massive aquamarine stone. Per Vanity Fair, the piece was once the property of her husband's late mother, Princess Diana. "Mine was less fancy, but I had a large blue, aquamarine ring copying Meghan Markle," Daddario told People. In a September 2022 interview with ET, the actor again expressed her love for the former "Suits" star and said that she was happy to see Markle and Prince Harry reunited with the rest of the royal family for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral.

While Daddario's "something blue" accessory was a nod to Markle's style, her wedding dress was nothing like the Givenchy gown that the duchess wore for her royal wedding. Per Vogue, Daddario opted for an ivory pleated slip dress with floral lace appliques, by Danielle Frankel. "It felt like it belonged in New Orleans and was the right choice for the Louisiana heat," she said of her choice of design.

Her hustle has earned her a beautiful home

As of 2022, Alexandra Daddario's net worth was estimated at $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Her fortune comes from a variety of different sources, including her prestige TV roles in "True Detective" and "The White Lotus." However, she also earned a paycheck from the big blockbuster, "San Andreas," which raked in almost half a billion dollars at the global box office. In addition to acting, she's dabbled in producing, and told The Hollywood Reporter that she's pretty skilled at the role, describing it by saying, "As an actor, it's generally about being able to get the money for the project to be made. I feel very lucky that I'm in a position to be able to do that."

Like many stars, Daddario's Hollywood side hustle is making bank by promoting brands on Instagram. She has a paid partnership with Aerie, a label with athleticwear offerings that make it a suitable match for the hardcore yoga fan. Luxury car brands also seem to find the idea of the star pushing their products attractive as she's appeared in ads for Jaguar and Porsche.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Daddario's husband, Andrew Form, is worth around $30 million, so the newlyweds were able to pool their resources to purchase quite the love nest in 2021. Per Dirt, they're the proud owners of a $7.3 million mansion in Los Angeles' Hancock Park that boasts lavish features including a courtyard with a fountain and a lap pool.

She had a scary encounter with an alleged stalker

"I'm very easily scared," Alexandra Daddario once told Cinema Blend while discussing horror stories. So just imagine how she felt when she found herself living out the start of one in February 2022. She assumed she was about to field questions from someone doing construction on her house when her husband, Andrew Form, told her a man was at the door and wanted to speak with her. Instead, she found herself face-to-face with a silent stranger. Radar obtained her declaration about the frightening encounter in which Daddario stated, "He just stood there as I observed that he was physically shaking and trembling in a highly intense and nervous manner."  The fearful star shut and locked the door, but the man would not exit the premises.

Daddario contacted the police, who identified the man as David Adam Cako. They discovered a gun and ammunition inside his vehicle and placed him under arrest. The star was advised to vacate her home after Cako was released on bond, which she did. However, she and Form were photographed in nearby Beverly Hills just days after the incident, per Just Jared.

The couple was busy planning their wedding at the time, but in the days leading up to the event, Daddario made time in her schedule to attend a court hearing that would require her to be in the same room as Cako. According to Radar, the court granted an extension of Daddario's previously filed temporary restraining order.

Lady Gaga was her favorite on-screen kiss

Locking lips with a stranger can be a stressful experience, but some actors have enjoyed kissing their co-stars. This was the case when Alexandra Daddario made out with Lady Gaga while they were filming a steamy bedroom scene for "American Horror Story." Daddario discussed what it was like in an interview with Cosmopolitan. "Oh my god. How lucky am I?" the actor gushed. "She may have been my best on-screen kiss."

Gaga should find this praise quite flattering, seeing as how Daddario noted that she's shared on-screen smooches with a lengthy list of co-stars. They include her fellow "Baywatch" actor Zac Efron, who also received a compliment when Daddario was asked about what their kiss was like by "Live with Kelly and Ryan" host Kelly Ripa. "It's nerve-racking because he's so attractive," she said. "But it's nice."

Efron's physical appearance wasn't the only reason she seemed somewhat less enthusiastic about their lip-lock than she was about the one she shared with Gaga. The "Baywatch" smooch took place underwater, and as she explained to ET, the chlorine of the pool kept getting in their mouths and slightly spoiled the experience. Luckily, Efron's lips weren't the body part Daddario was the most impressed by, anyway. "Zac's abs are just otherworldly," she told Access. "I had to touch them a couple of times, and it's like a shock goes through your system."

She was worried about her career before The White Lotus

Alexandra Daddario was concerned about the job offers she was getting before she got cast as a honeymooner questioning her marriage and career in the HBO series "The White Lotus," a dark comedy set in a Hawaiian resort. "I knew the work I needed to be doing, but it just wasn't happening," she told Women's Health. "I was like, 'Where am I going?'" She wasn't expecting to get any work at all during the pandemic, but then the show's creator, Mike White, presented her with the type of opportunity that you just don't turn down. "If you're going to be quarantined in a place, you might as well be quarantined in a hotel in Hawaii. It's your beautiful prison," Daddario told Awards Radar. When she returned to Hawaii for reshoots, she had a little more freedom — she got to swim with sea turtles and go exploring with co-star, Sydney Sweeney.

That luxurious prison stay in paradise was a game-changer for Daddario, who scored her first-ever Emmy nod. "It seemed unattainable," she told TV Insider. "So getting nominated ... I really don't have words. It's wonderful." And soon another opportunity came her way — the lead role in the AMC series "Mayfair Witches," based on a novel series by Anne Rice, per Variety.

Daddario told IMDb that she used to daydream about possessing a witch's powers, and she certainly has shown that she can cast a spell on viewers.