Nicki Swift Asks: Which Meghan Markle Podcast Guest Are You Looking Forward To Most? - Exclusive Survey

Meghan Markle's podcast, "Archetypes," has been a long time coming. The Duchess of Sussex announced the project in conjunction with Spotify in 2020 just after departing the royal family. It would take another two years for the "Archetypes" to officially premiere, per People.

The show, a product of Prince Harry and Meghan's media company Archewell, is all about the girls. In the show, Meghan engages in conversations with historians, specialists, and celebrities to explore the stereotypes conventionally used against women. The highly anticipated first season finally premiered in August, but it was almost immediately put on hold when Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8. Meghan immediately announced a pause on production so that she and Harry could attend the funeral and properly mourn the queen, per The Hollywood Reporter.

By October, the show was back with its fourth episode. As we eagerly await the rest of the season, Nicki Swift decided to ask fans which guest they were most excited about, and there was one overwhelming answer.

Meghan Markle has big name guests

When it comes to whom fans most want to see on Meghan Markle's "Archetypes" podcast, they are not at all divided. When polled by Nicki Swift to find out which Season 1 guest they were looking forward to the most, the overwhelming answer was Constance Wu, with a majority vote of 36%. The "Crazy Rich Asians" star and "Making a Scene" author was followed by Lisa Ling — whose episode premiered October 4 — at 26% and Issa Rae at 20%. At the back of the pack were Amanda Seales at 12% and Ziwe Fumudoh at 6%.

Though fans will have to wait a while for the Constance Wu episode, the four released so far have given them more than enough to discuss. In the first episode, Meghan sat down with close friend Serena Williams, and they discussed the topic of "ambition" and its negative connotation for women. Meghan claimed she never heard the term negatively until she began dating Prince Harry — when her motives were called into question, per Sky News. In the second episode, Meghan discussed her "diva" label with Mariah Carey.

The podcast has received harsh reviews from critics since its premiere. The Times laid into it, calling it "banal," "vapid," and "almost entirely preposterous." The Daily Telegraph was equally critical of its pedantic nature. However, Meghan has never been popular in the British press, and "Archetypes" was the number one most streamed podcast on Spotify for two weeks after its premiere.