The Transformation Of Eiza González From Childhood To 32 Years Old

The following references compulsive eating.

You might think actor Eiza González's career happened overnight, but the multitalented star got into the show business grind early on. And now that she has both feet firmly planted in Tinseltown, she hopes to see changes in the types of roles that are typically offered to Latina actors. As she told V Magazine, "It's important to support your own people because it's a really challenging business, especially for minorities, and I do believe the Latin woman really struggles in a business like that because English is [usually] our second language, but there's a lot of stereotypes of the Latin woman. We're probably the most stereotyped humans on planet Earth, and I think that it's been really hard for us to deconstruct it and reeducate people." 

In recent years, González has worked with megastars like Jake Gyllenhaal, Rosamund Pike, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Jason Statham. And as her career trucks along, she hopes to only eschew expectations. As she said in the aforementioned chat with V Magazine, "I've never really liked to define myself as one thing specifically, especially because I started [my career] in the early 2000s in a country that puts you in a specific box for a very long time." Take a look at how González has transformed from her younger days of working in telenovelas as a teen to breaking boundaries in Hollywood.

Young Eiza González knew she wanted to be an actor

Eiza González was born in Mexico on January 30th, 1990, to model Glenda Reyna and Carlos González. In 2003, she began her acting studies with famed Mexican actor Patricia Reyes Spindola. From 2004 through 2006, she attended acting school at Televisa Center for Artistic Education in Mexico City, an institution known for finding talent among young up-and-coming stars for Mexico's popular soap operas.  

Eiza's passion for acting came out of tragedy. After her father, Carlos, died when she was just 12 years old, she recalled to Coveteur that getting into acting helped her cope. "My mom sort of tried, as any mother would do, to over saturate me with activity so I would stay a little bit distracted, and someone recommended musical theater to her. I basically sat her down when I was 13 [years old], and I told her that this was what I wanted to do for a living. I went to acting school at 13, and I started working at 15 and never stopped," she said.

Talking to Justin Long on his "Life is Short" podcast in October 2020 about wanting to become an actor, Eiza shared that she was allowed to drop out of school at 14 with her mother's support. Admitting that her mom wasn't a "stage mom" in any way, she shared, "It was my total doing. If anything, I was the one pushing her, poor woman."

She was bullied as a kid

Eiza González was bullied when she was in school, and it only got worse as an up-and-coming actor. She recalled to Coveteur, "Then when I became a public persona, I dealt with a lot of bullies, too, because I broke into the industry when I was 12 [years old], and you know how brutal people can be with child stars." 

As González shared with Justin Long on his "Life is Short" podcast, people began to develop negative opinions of her when she landed her telenovela role at a young age. Understandably, she didn't know how to handle all of the unfair pressure that came with newfound stardom. "I was not ready," she said, adding, "Everyone had an opinion of me, if I was good, not good. Great, talented, not talented. Pretty, not pretty."

The treatment she experienced shaped her worldview in a big way, and she has zero dreams of becoming a stage mom one day. "That makes me never want to have children in the industry," she told Long. Because of what she went through, González became an anti-bullying activist. She shared in a since-deleted Instagram post (via Marie Claire), "Body shaming, slut shaming and basically any form of bullying at all is just pathetic. Spread kindness. #STOPBULLYING."

She landed a lead role at the age of 15

Eiza González's life completely changed when she landed the lead role in the 2007 Mexican soap opera "Lola, érase una vez," which translates to "Lola: Once Upon A Time." It was a modern-day take on Disney's "Cinderella" and only lasted for one season. González was 15 years old when she nabbed the role, which would help catapult her career. For her work on the show, Gonzalez won the Revelation Actress award in 2008 at the TVyNovelas Awards, which honors the work of Mexican television productions. 

According to Hola!, after she completed "Lola, érase una vez," her mother, Glenda Reyna, took her to New York, where she studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Then, the mother-daughter duo returned to Mexico, where González got a role in the crime drama series "Mujeres Asesinas," starring in Season 2, Episode 12, titled "Tere, desconfiada."

González would land another lead role in the Nickelodeon television series "Suena Conmigo," starring as Clara Molina from 2010 to 2011. The show tells the tale of a teenager wanting to make it big as a singer and comes up with the alter ego Roxy-Pop after her dad disapproves of wanting his daughter to join a singing reality television show. It was like the Latin American version of Disney's "Hannah Montana." González would then star in another soap opera called "Amores Verdaderos" from 2012 to 2013.

She struggled with a compulsive eating disorder

The death of Eiza González's father may have brought out her passion for acting, but it also led her into depression. In 2015, the actor opened up on Instagram about how the loss of a parent affected her. In the post, she shared that as she tried to process her grief, she began compulsively eating. 

She shared in the since-deleted post (via Latin Times), "Between the ages of 15 and 20 was very hard for me because I used to eat compulsively. It took me a long time to decipher that it was all happening because I was depressed after my dad died ... It took me 5 years to get out of depression and accept my loss ... The reason why I wanted to talk about this is because adolescence is not easy, not even by itself ... Today I feel happier than ever."

In an interview for Shape, González shared that while she is keen to stick to a workout routine and is mindful of what she eats, she does not lead a totally restrictive lifestyle. "One day a week, I'll eat whatever I want. That's my one rule. I'll eat brownies. I'll eat pizza. I'll eat all the foods. I want to eat because that's what this body needs to be happy," the actor said. In a separate interview with Harper's Bazaar Australia (via Elle Australia), she said that she's embraced a primarily plant-based diet.

If you need help with an eating disorder, or know someone who is, help is available. Visit the National Eating Disorders Association website or contact NEDA's Live Helpline at 1-800-931-2237. You can also receive 24/7 Crisis Support via text (send NEDA to 741-741).

Eiza González launched a music career

Did you know Eiza González also happens to be a talented singer? In 2009, she released her first album, "Contracorriente," and dropped a followup in 2012 titled "Te Acordaras de Mi." But, even before González was putting out records, she had released a soundtrack for her first soap opera, "Lola: érase una vez," which featured hit songs including "Si me besas" and "Masoquismo." In 2008, she even toured Mexico and the United States for the hit show.

Talking to Justin Long on his podcast, "Life is Short," González revealed that she was into music well before she got into the acting business. "Singing was my first love. I would sing around the house a lot, and my dad picked up on it. My dad was actually a good singer," she shared. Thanks to her late father, she got into the music of the '60s, '70s, and '80s.

As Hola! reported in 2020, she once posted a video of herself singing the song "Something There" from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." Fans need to check it out because the girl can carry a tune and then some.

Eiza González made her way to the United States

After spending years on telenovelas, Eiza González decided to head to the United States. As the Latin Times reported at the time, after "Amores Verdaderos" premiered in 2012, she moved to Los Angeles. She landed her first English-speaking role in Robert Rodriguez's "From Dusk till Dawn: The Series," a television show based on the 1996 cult horror film starring Quentin Tarantino and Salma Hayek. González starred as Hayek's original character, Santanico Pandemonium.

Talking to AOL Build with co-stars D.J. Cortona and Zane Holtz, González shared that she was thankful for Rodriguez for creating a character like Santanico. "The development of the character has been amazing. I'm so happy that Robert gives women such strong personalities. I think for actresses and any woman watching the show, it's very empowering to be able to see this type of character," she said. The series concluded after three seasons in 2016.

While some newcomers might be overwhelmed by their first big gig in Tinseltown, it sounds like González took to it like a duck to water. As she told Coveteur, she welcomed the pace of a Hollywood production versus the whirlwind speed of a soap opera production. "Now because [in Hollywood] you learn a scene a day, it's the easiest thing ever," she said.

Her love life started to gain attention

As she established herself as a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood, Eiza González's relationships started to make headlines. As Us Weekly has noted, the actor has been reportedly linked to several A-list actors, athletes, and singers over the years. 

In September 2013, González was photographed kissing Miley Cyrus' ex Liam Hemsworth. There's no word when González and Hemsworth called it quits; the Australian-born reconciled with Cyrus and they married in December 2018, but they split less than a year later. In September 2014, Latin Post reported that González was linked to her "From Dusk till Dawn: The Series" co-star D.J. Cotrona; as Variety Latino noted, they broke up a year later. There was a rumored fling with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo in July 2016, and González was also linked to Colombian singer Maluma in August 2017. 

However, one of González's most public relationships was with actor Josh Duhamel. According to Us Weekly, the pair reportedly met at a Super Bowl party in 2018 hosted by Jennifer Lopez. Alas, by July 2018, they were over. Duhamel told the paparazzi, "If you're looking for Eiza, we're done," per the Daily Mail. González was later linked to actor Timothée Chalamet after the two were first spotted kissing in Mexico in June 2020, but as E! News reported at the time, they were over by that October.

Her film career picked up major steam

Eiza González's career blossomed after her work in "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series." After wrapping up in 2016, she landed a role in 2017's action drama "Baby Driver," starring as Darling and acting alongside a cast that included Ansel Elgort, Jon Hamm, Lily James, and Jamie Foxx. The movie was successful, accumulating $227 million worldwide on a $34 million budget.

In an interview with Collider, González shared that "Baby Driver" almost didn't happen for her because she was still busy working on Robert Rodriguez's series. But rather than make her choose one or the other, the director encouraged González to do both. "Robert knew that it was so important to me that he re-wrote the third season to get me out of the third season more so I could go do that movie. So honestly, what I keep saying is that Robert Rodriguez is just a legend," she shared.

González would work with Rodriguez again in 2019's sci-fi adventure "Alita: Battle Angel," written by legendary director James Cameron. The actor would work on several films soon after, including the "Fast & Furious" spin-off "Hobbs & Shaw," which featured Dwyane Johnson and Jason Statham, "Bloodshot" with Vin Diesel, "I Care A Lot," and "Godzilla vs. Kong."

She made it clear she doesn't want to get too personal

Eiza González is not an open book regarding discussions about her private life, including who she might be dating. Of course, with fame comes tabloid rumors and plenty of gossip, but González has managed, for the most part, to keep her love life out of the public eye. And she hopes to keep it that way for as long as possible. She said in Coveteur in 2019, "But when it comes to my life and specifically to my dating life, I will probably be quiet about it. ... For me, my personal life, it's really hard as a public person, because even if you don't share stuff, there are always lies and speculation, and even more, if you don't give in, because it feeds it; it makes them mad."

Although she won't be sharing any juicy details about her love life, she has shared her dating deal-breakers. She shared on an episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show" that a potential partner who keeps their home clean is essential. She admitted that she would love a dating app telling people if someone was messy or a neat freak. González quipped, "It would be nice to know beforehand because that's a big deal-breaker for me. You know, you're in the relationship, and then you start living together, and then you're like, 'oh, wow!'" Well, if that isn't a billion-dollar idea, what is?

Fran in I Care A Lot was a different role for her

As previously noted, Eiza González has spoken out about being typecast in movies and TV shows. In the 2020 dark comedy "I Care A Lot," which also starred Rosamund Pike, audiences got to see how versatile González is as an actor. Chatting with Refinery29 about the movie, she said, "[Lantinx actors] are either the help or the drug dealer ... This character is very much a character that any actress could have played ... And I think that's kind of the current type of character that I want to be doing, and reading more of." 

González plays the girlfriend of Pike's character, and in the film, the two prey on elderly people and get rich doing it. Despite their line of work being immoral, they are good at what they do. González appreciates this particular depiction of two smart and successful women — yes, even though they use their smarts to dupe others. She told E! News, "This movie just goes to show that there is so much judgment put on women for trying to succeed, or there's so much predisposed ideas on a woman that is going for her dream."

And, something new for González was the experience of playing a character who wasn't in a full face of makeup the whole time. "I feel like other women get a lot of opportunities to do that, and I don't feel like I have," she said in Refinery29.

Photos from her past sparked controversy

As her movie career really got moving and shaking, an offensive piece of Eiza González's past made its way to the internet. After she was spotted kissing "Dune" star Timothée Chalamet in Mexico in June of 2020, old photos of her wearing blackface on "Lola, érase una vez" started making the Twitter rounds (via Us Weekly). Understandably, these photos sparked controversy. As one Twitter user wrote, "she has worn blackface and culturally appropriates without apologizing. I'm sorry but that ain't it. Timothée what are you doing lauv?"

In a statement provided to E! News, González apologized for wearing blackface and expressed that, at the time, she believed she didn't have a choice. "I am deeply sorry and ashamed about having worn blackface makeup shown in the images circulating. As a 15-year-old child actor on my first job in a Mexican telenovela, I was pressured against my will – and with no negotiating power, I could not advocate for myself in the situation," she said.

She also touched on the criticism she'd received for wearing geisha clothing while on a trip to Japan. "According to my host, it is considered an intercultural exchange to dress up in their traditional clothing and makeup," she said. The actor went on to add, "I understand that out of context, this calls for a dialogue about contemporary cultural appropriation."

Her role in Ambulance was by far one of her biggest

One of Eiza González's defining moments in her acting career was Michael Bay's 2022 action thriller "Ambulance." The actor stars as Cam Thompson, an EMT worker caught in the middle of a bank heist when two adoptive brothers, portrayed by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jake Gyllenhaal, hijack her vehicle with a wounded police officer in it, and go on a high-speed pursuit to evade law enforcement. Not only did the role spotlight González more than ever, but she also got to play a vital lead female role.

During an Entertainment Weekly roundtable interview with her two co-stars and director Bay, she shared how much she adored playing Cam. "It was just this woman with agency and complete conviction of who she was and stood up for what she believed in, also had heart and was vulnerable and was just so multi-faceted and very dynamic, and quite a hero," González said.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, González prepared for the role by renting an old ambulance so she could get a feel for her character's job. "I wanted to take this role as seriously as I could, and the premise of the movie sets up Cam as being the best paramedic in town. So everything in that space, and the character's physicality, had to feel like it was second nature."

Rumors of a romance with Jason Momoa

"Aquaman" actor Jason Momoa and Eiza González sparked dating rumors in February 2022, just a month after Momoa and Lisa Bonet confirmed their split after five years of marriage and nearly 17 years together. Although the pair managed to keep their rumored romance under the radar, Momoa showed his support for González when he attended her "Ambulance" premiere in April. By May, People confirmed that the duo was an item.

People reported that the stars were casually dating and seeing where things go. "It's not that he's not taking it seriously, but with his kids, he's not going to rush into anything quickly. He had a lot of love for Lisa, and there is still a lot of mutual respect there as far as she's concerned," a source shared. However, by June, Momoa and the Mexican-born actor had split.

It didn't take long for Momoa and González to reunite. According to Page Six, in July, they were seen around London at the exact locations on two occasions, but did not leave together. At the end of the month, the Daily Mail released snaps of González riding on the back of Momoa's motorcycle in Malibu. As of this writing, Momoa nor González have talked publicly about their romance. However, a source told People, "It's not serious, or a relationship. Eiza is not looking for that right now."

Eiza González has a lot more coming down the pike

Although the public may be fixated on what is or isn't going on with Eiza González's love life, the actor keeps busy with her career. Since starring in Michael Bay's thriller "Ambulance," she's gone on to work on several other projects. 

In October 2021, Collider reported that González was joining stars Tobey Maguire, Forest Whitaker, and Meryl Streep in the Apple+ TV anthology drama series "Extrapolations." The eight-episode series, which is yet to be released as of this writing, will look at how environmental changes to our planet affect humans in love, faith, work, and family. According to Deadline, González also joined "Game of Thrones" co-creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss' upcoming Netflix series "The Three-Body Problem." Based on the sci-fi book series by Chinese writer Liu Cixin, it will deal with humanity's first encounters with an alien civilization. The series also stars Benedict Wong, John Bradley, and Liam Cunningham.

What's more, González is trying her hand at behind-the-scenes work. As she told V Magazine, she hopes to get into directing at some point down the line and has already gotten into production. "I really wanna encourage women to take risks by going for it, doing it all, and being okay with failing and trying again–that's part of discovering what your journey is like," she said. We're here for that.