Inside Anna Kendrick And Aubrey Plaza's Friendship

It's so fascinating to watch Aubrey Plaza act in movies and then see how she interacts on talk shows. The dry humor of her character, April Ludgate, from "Parks and Recreation" is so much like Plaza's IRL ability to share the craziest story you've ever heard in a dry monotone while still being incredibly engaging. Some might find it a bit uncomfortable just how good Plaza is at delivering a story with her dry humor, but that's what makes her so appealing to others. And it makes so much sense that she's friends with the talented and completely opposite, Anna Kendrick

Kendrick can deliver a great, comedic performance but her humor is a little more approachable. So of course the two mesh well together and they riff off of each other so well. In 2016's "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates," they play two messy friends who decide to scam their way into a free trip to Hawaii by pretending to be "nice girls" for Mike (played by Adam DeVine) and Dave (Zac Efron). As you can imagine, it gets chaotic but it's hilarious along their journey. However, many don't know (and would be pleasantly surprised to learn that) their friendship started several years before prior to the project.

Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza met on the set of a movie

2010's fan-favorite film, "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," garnered a cult following, which makes sense since it was a stacked cast of A-listers. At the, Chris Evans, Brie Larson, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead weren't in the superhero franchises they are now. And Anna Kendrick, who played Scott's (Michael Cera) fast-talking sister, was just getting her start after appearing as Jessica Stanley in "Twilight." Aubrey Plaza, who played a scorned mutual friend and general know-it-all, had only just started as April Ludgate on "Parks and Recreation," which was a role written just for Plaza.

But the two were definitely scene-stealers in "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" and it makes sense that after meeting on the set, they became friends IRL. Evidence of this friendship is a bit dated now, but as Bustle pointed out, the two used to have a major Twitter communication streak going. While Plaza doesn't use her account, @evilhag, anymore, evidence can still be seen of Kendrick joking around with the actor online. They also have many an Instagram post together. Like one where they're walking down the street holding hands. Kendrick captioned it simply with, "PLAZA." And another post from 2014 depicts Plaza right after she spilled coffee all over herself in Kendrick's car. They were on a last-minute trip to Mexico, of course.

Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza have kept close ties for years

As stated before, the two friends didn't just do one movie together, either. Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza played Alice and Tatiana, respectively, in "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates." But before that, they were both in "Life After Beth." Plaza played Beth, a girl who dies and then is brought back to life as a zombie of sorts. Kendrick played Erica, a childhood friend of Beth's boyfriend.

Their friendship even goes so far as car dealerships. In 2016, Kendrick appeared on the "Late Show with Seth Meyers" and shared a hilarious story about how Plaza helped Kendrick get a great deal on a car. She said that Plaza is "legitimately unhinged" in real life and was able to scare the salesperson in to a better deal.

The two have been friends for years, and Plaza sees it staying that way. She told Nylon during her September 2014 cover shoot that, "Hopefully when I'm 70, Anna Kendrick and I will have our multi-cam sitcom, exactly like The Golden Girls. We'll just be two fast-talking sexual ladies hitting on younger guys." With their resume of shared work, that sounds like a dream come true for fans. And Kendrick? She said, "Aubrey has a wolflike quality onscreen. She's gorgeous and majestic in repose, but mostly you're hoping to see her tear something's throat open." Someone play Hannah Montana's "True Friend," please.