Lisa Rinna Is Leaning Into Her Messy Feud With Kathy Hilton

Get your teacups ready! The feud between Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton has gotten messier. Over the last couple of months, fans have immersed themselves in Season 12 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." While the majority of the ladies delivered shocking drama throughout the new batch of episodes, nothing compares to the surprising feud between Rinna and Hilton. The drama began during the show's annual girls' trip episode — which took place at Kyle Richards' house in Aspen this season (via E! News). While their stay at the snowy lodge started off on a high note, tensions began to flare after some of the ladies, including Richards, mocked Hilton for discussing her tequila venture.

The drama came to a head after Hilton reportedly had a meltdown toward the end of their trip. "We get in the Sprinter van, and Kathy starts screaming about everything," Rinna said in a confessional (via Page Six). The "Melrose Place" actor also revealed that Hilton threatened to "destroy" the cast and Bravo network. During the season's penultimate episode, the L.A. socialite appeared remorseful and apologized to Rinna and Richards — which the latter accepted. However, despite the two sisters agreeing to move on from the Aspen debacle, Rinna has shown no signs of dropping her feud with Hilton.

Lisa Rinna mocks Kathy Hilton's bully statement

On October 5, reality TV enthusiasts were finally treated to the jaw-dropping season finale of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." One of the most surprising tidbits from the episode involved Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna, who were accused by Kyle Richards of leaking Kathy Hilton's Aspen meltdown to the press (via The U.S. Sun). While the accusation was left up in the air at the end of the season, the show's reunion trailer hinted that the drama between Hilton and Rinna was far from over. 

In a brief teaser, the L.A. socialite accuses the "Melrose Place" actor of "fighting with everybody" before calling her "the biggest bully of Hollywood" (via Page Six). Hilton also accuses Rinna of dragging out the feud because her contract was "coming up."

In response to the drama-filled trailer, the "Days of our Lives" star took to Instagram and poked fun at the fashion designer's comments. "The biggest bully in Hollywood, And everyone knows it," she wrote alongside a picture of her M&M character. While Hilton has refrained from responding to Rinna directly, fans have taken to the comments section of the Instagram post to express their mixed reactions. One person wrote: "You're making a way too big a deal over this situation. She apologized." Another fan commented: "People really are pressed that you're out here doing your job on housewives and stirring the pot." It's safe to say that the Rinna and Hilton saga is just beginning.