Lala Kent's Love Life Heats Up After Her Split

"Vanderpump Rules" cast member Lala Kent has always read like an open book. From her journey to sobriety to her high profile and tumultuous split from film producer Randall Emmett, the reality star and podcast host has never been afraid to give them Lala.

"It just was like, 'Wow, there's not one piece of the five years I was with this person that has been truthful and honest," Kent lamented during a December 2021 episode of her "Give them Lala" podcast after revealing that even the diamond engagement ring Emmett proposed to her with wasn't what he claimed it to be. "The only truth I feel that existed in my relationship was me and my daughter Ocean. That is where the truth ended. That is a hard pill to f****** swallow," she confessed.

But now it appears things are looking up for the once unlucky-in-love Pump Rules star...

Lala Kent says she 'might be in love with someone'

Does Lala Kent have a new man? 

During the October 7 episode of Sirius XM's "Jeff Lewis Live", Kent got extra candid about her dating life post-split from ex-fiancé and father of her child, Randall Emmett. "I think I might be in love with someone," she revealed on air to a very surprised Jeff Lewis. "He's a local. My friend's been trying to hook me up with him for a long time and we finally met. We hung out literally... that was the third time," she explained. And according to Kent, a "fun" time was had by all. "I saw him very quickly. I was just like, 'Oh my god.' When the face hits right, it's like game over," she gushed. Still, Lewis wasn't so sure and advised Kent that she needed someone older than the mystery man who Kent said was in his thirties. "His face doesn't match what comes out of his mouth," Kent insisted. "He's a unicorn. I'm going to have to have his baby or something," the mother of one joked. Or was she...? Time will tell, we suppose.