Lizzo Sounds Off After Kanye West's Bizarre Comments About Her Weight

Kanye "Ye" West stirred up a bit of controversy when he debuted "White Lives Matter" sweatshirts at his Paris Fashion week fashion show, according to People. During an appearance on Fox News, the rapper and fashion designer shared his reasoning behind his decision with host Tucker Carlson. "The answer to why I wrote 'White Lives Matter' on a shirt is because they do," shared West. Later, referencing a conversation he had with his father, West added elsewhere, "I said, 'I thought the shirt was a funny shirt. I thought the idea of me wearing it was funny. And I said, 'Dad, why did you think it was funny?' He said, 'Just a Black man stating the obvious.'"

During the same interview, West also touched on a wide variety of other topics, ranging from defending his past support of Donald Trump to criticizing ex Kim Kardashian's recent scantily-clad Interview Magazine cover. The rapper also had a few choice words regarding singer Lizzo, who's become a prominent public figure within the body positivity movement. Despite describing the "Juice" singer as good friend, West claimed that Lizzo was being used to assist "genocide" within the Black community. "When Lizzo loses 10 pounds and announces it, the bots — that's a term for, it's like telemarketer callers, like on Instagram — they attack her for losing weight because the media wants to put out a perception that being overweight is the new goal when it's actually unhealthy," shared West. 

Now, Lizzo appears to have responded to West's comments.

Lizzo is not having it

Lizzo is not here for Kanye "Ye" West's criticism. At least it appears that way. The Grammy award-winning singer didn't namecheck West, but she did seemingly hit back at his comments during her Canada-based concert at Scotiabank Arena, per Much Music. "I feel like everybody in America got my motherf***ing name in their motherf***ing mouth for no motherf***ing reason," Lizzo proclaimed to the audience. "I'm minding my fat, black, beautiful business." The singer then jokingly ribbed the crowd. "Can I stay here? Who can I marry for that duel citizenship?" asked Lizzo.

Lizzo's super cool response to the noise likely comes from experience. Lizzo has frequently talked about her weight in the past, often in an attempt to promote body positivity. But she's also no stranger to defending herself against negative comments about her body or lifestyle. In December 2020, Lizzo took to her TikTok to hit back at naysayers who criticized her decision to participate in a 10-day "smoothie detox." The following August, after the release of her "Rumors" music video, the singer was inundated with what she called "racist" and "fatphobic" hate (via AL DÍA).