How Jamie Lee Curtis Supported Kyle Richards Amid Her RHOBH Drama

Since starring together in the 1978 hit film "Halloween," Kyle Richards and Jamie Lee Curtis have shared a close bond. It's hard to believe that before she became one of the most talked-about housewives on Bravo, Richards was a child star, appearing in "Halloween" for one and other popular television shows like "Little House on the Prairie." Over the years, Curtis and Richards have remained really close, and while Curtis may not appear on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," that doesn't mean she's not a good friend of Richards.

The two have talked about their friendship on plenty of occasions in the press, and their tight-knit bond is enough to bring a smile to anyone's face. In an interview with Today in May, Richards recalled some of her most fond memories with Curtis when they filmed "Halloween" all those years ago. One fun memory Richards shared was how Curtis carried a then 9-year-old Richards back to her dressing room when they finished filming the movie. 

"She's an incredible person and someone that I admire not only as an artist but just as a human being," she told the outlet. In turn, Curtis has gushed over Richards on social media on occasion, including in honor of "Halloween Kills," in 2021. "Watching @kylerichards show her humor, strength, and GREAT vulnerability was one of the many sweet treats of @halloweenmovie," she wrote, adding that Richard is "STRONG. SASSY. DROP DEAD (pun intended) GORGEOUS even when covered in mud and blood! Brava Bella!"

And Curtis still has Richards' back. 

Kyle Richards gushes over Jamie Lee Curtis friendship

Once a friend, always a friend. Jamie Lee Curtis and Kyle Richards have remained pals over the years and Curtis always seems to be the reality star's corner. In an interview with People, Richards spilled some tea on her relationship with Curtis has been a big supporter of her reality television career. Richards told the outlet that the "True Lies" star called her after she saw the drama-filled trailer of the season 12 reunion of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" where Richards was visibly emotional in a good portion of it. "I cried seeing that. I don't like to see you hurt," Richards said Curtis told her.

Richards elaborated further about how Curtis gave her some good advice. "She kind of gave me a pep talk about what she thinks of me as a person and not to forget it," the reality star revealed. "And it's never lost on me that she makes the time and the effort to do that for me because she always does." How sweet is their relationship? In the interview, Richards also called her "Halloween" co-star a "true" friend while gushing over how appreciative she is to have her.

In a 2022 interview with Too Fab, Richards spoke about starring alongside Curtis again in the film "Halloween Ends" which debuted 44 years after the original. In the sit-down, Richards shared that she "had such a great time making this movie together" with Curtis. Friends til the end!